Confusion over issues relating to transgenderism

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an old article I wrote concerning some issues relating to transgenderism. It was first posted on my personal blog last year.

Written by Ng E-Jay
20 July 2008

In a society like Thailand where attitudes towards transgendered people are supposedly amongst the most liberal in the world, confusion over basic issues like orchiectomy (castration) is still prevalent.

In a Straits Times article entitled “Thai teens seeking sex changes grapple with new rule” published on 20 July 08, it is mentioned that health authorities have become alarmed by stories and the subsequent public debate about underage boys seeking and receiving castrations as the first step toward gender reassignment surgery (GRS). This concern has prompted the Thai authorities to introduce new regulation requiring people seeking GRS to be 18 or older.

To quote the ST article: “Some gay activists and parents worried about potential side effects of the operation on bodies that are still growing believe the age at which youths can independently make the decision to be castrated should be raised to 20.

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