Allegations of DPM Teo being dodgy and dismissive were simply swept under the carpet

June 14, 2012 by · 17 Comments
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Written by Ng E-Jay
14 June 2012

The mainstream media has done it again. If they are to be believed, DPM Teo Chee Hean has been shown to be gracious and magnanimous, almost to the point of scoring a moral victory, in the Reuben Wang saga.

The story we get from the press is that a rash teenager lashed out against the esteemed Deputy Prime Minister using a vulgar word, but he repented after receiving feedback from his friends and seniors. DPM Teo graciously accepted his apology in person, and even gave him an autographed copy of an economics textbook. The image we get is of a brash youngster being guided toward the right path and of the DPM exhibiting both grace as well as a personal touch.

The problem with this version of events depicted by the mainstream media is not so much that the DPM gets a positive image of being a gracious and personable mentor to a young impressionable student, but that the original issues Reuben Wang raised in his blog post, which has since been taken down, have been entirely swept under the carpet and quietly buried.

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