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Tag: public housing PRESS CENSORSHIP on important HDB Issues

by See Leong Kit (61-year old Singaporean) [ Mr See’s Note for Readers: My earlier letter was published, but this follow-up “right of reply” was rejected (censored) for publication by our shamelessly pro-PAP (instead of pro-Singapore) Mainstream Media. Read on and judge for yourself why. Proof that PM Lee Hsien Loong’s much-touted promise of “an open and inclusive Singapore” is

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Tag: public housing Critical issues overlooked in HDB’s letter to Straits Times

In the past few years, property prices in Singapore have increased sharply due to huge foreign fund inflows as well as unfettered immigration. The compactness of our property market has also resulted in public housing prices becoming highly correlated with private property prices which has mushroomed despite the downturn because of lack of market regulation.

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