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Tag: Lee Wei Ling The Spectre of Death

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 17 May 2009 When the news of the outbreak of H1N1 virus in Mexico broke last month, the health authorities and the governments of the world went into frenzy. Governments started to stockpile anti-flu tablets and protective gears. People panicked. It did not help when the WHO asserted that a “global outbreak of the disease

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Tag: Lee Wei Ling Prof Lee Wei Ling is practicing bad statistics and horrible science

Written by Ng E-Jay 15 May 2009 I refer to the Straits Times forum letter “Let it in while benign to develop herd immunity” penned by Professor Lee Wei Ling, published on 13 May 2009. In her letter, Prof Lee argues that it is impossible to prevent the H1N1 influenza virus from entering Singapore, and that temperature screening might be

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