Breaking news: Electoral boundaries redrawn

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By the Singapore Democrats
18 Feb 2009

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Is the PAP calling for snap elections soon? It sure seems that way. The Elections Department has been a little more than active in the past few months, first training civil servants as election officials, then updating the register of voters and the latest news: announcing the redrawing of the constituencies today at 5 pm.

Of the three activities, the gazetting of the constituency boundaries is the most significant. This is because the PAP has the habit of announcing the new boundaries at the last minute — the time span ranging anywhere from a couple of months to just the day before it dissolves Parliament. This, of course, ensures that the opposition has as little time as possible to work the ground.

If the PAP does go for a super-duper early election, it will be an indication that it is unsure of how to handle the country’s economic future and needs to quickly get the general elections out of the way before things slump deeper.

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