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Tag: Economy Enough of silly slogans, focus on real problems

By the Singapore Democrats 11 May 2009 Original link The latest war cry from our multi-million-dollar cabinet: Re-skill, upskill and multi-skill. It’s the worn-out refrain started years ago to get our workers to “upgrade” themselves and prepare for the New Economy. New Economy? We never even got out of the old one. We are still giving multinational companies (MNCs) heavenly

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Tag: Economy PM and PAP MPs adopt SDP’s economic ideas

By the Singapore Democrats 05 Feb 2009 Original link Even as it rubbishes the economic proposals put forth by the Singapore Democrats as unworkable, the PAP pilfers them and then claims them as its own. The most glaring is the Singaporeans First Policy. The SDP had campaigned on this proposal in the 2001 general election where we said that when

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