ST letter: Volunteer tells why Aware’s EGM turned raucous

ST letter by Ms Pamela Oei 07 May 2009 ST Online link I READ Ms Sumiko Tan’s article on Tuesday, ‘More losers than winners’, with dismay. There were some 3,000 people present last Saturday at the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware). Emotions were charged, people came… Continue reading

Rejected ST letter: A mother of two criticizes the rowdy behaviour at AWARE’s EOGM

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a letter to the ST forum page written by a parent, Mrs Ng Hong Eng, who attended the AWARE EOGM on 2 May. The letter was not published. In this letter, Mrs Ng criticizes the rowdy behaviour at AWARE’s EOGM, and asserts that “AWARE does not represent all women in Singapore”.… Continue reading

Political parallels of the AWARE saga

By the Singapore Democrats 04 May 2009 Original Link Whatever is said about the recent saga of the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware), it cannot be denied that the episode concluded in an open and democratic, if not entirely amicable, manner. It was an intriguing event in a country where citizens have… Continue reading

My response to the ST article: “Process, pluralism, protection”

Written by Ng E-Jay 04 May 2009 Janadas Devan’s Straits Times article “Process, pluralism, protection” published on 04 May was generally a well-written one, but I disagree with the points he raised in the last section of the article labeled “OB markers matter“. In this section of the article, Mr Devan argues that the AWARE… Continue reading

An open letter to new AWARE president Dana Lam and her team

Written by Ng E-Jay 03 May 2009 If there is anyone who still wonders whether we as a people have the courage to stand up for righteousness, justice and tolerance, who still doubts whether Singaporeans are able to rise up to the challenge when the occasion calls, Saturday night banished those doubts forever. Those doubts… Continue reading

Josie Lau’s team removed, and a new leadership at AWARE has been voted in!

Fresh from the Oven: At 8.50pm, AWARE’s old Exco proposed a motion to remove Ms Josie Lau’s Exco. This was passed with two objections. Ms Josie Lau tried to take it in her stride. The Online Citizen website later reported her as saying: “We note the outcome of no confidence. The Exco has decided to… Continue reading

Dr Gwee Li Sui’s follow up message to his previous rallying call to his fellow Christians

Source: Gwee Li Sui’s Notes This is a follow-up to my earlier note. After posting it, I received — and am still receiving — words of thanks and encouragement from many Christians and people with different beliefs and opinions. The Christians specifically said that it was what they needed to hear or would have liked… Continue reading