Three powerful paragraphs by Kirsten Han

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“Identifying and labelling particular values as being “Asian” or “Western” is a useless exercise. We shouldn’t be adhering to values simply because they fit our own (possibly questionable) concepts of race, culture and ethnicity. We should be adhering to values because they are right, and create a better society and space for us all to live in.

Doing so is actually very simple, with no need for a confused division of values into “Asian” and “Western” boxes. All it takes is to not be a dick. Ask yourself: is my idea of society oppressing or imposing on someone else’s freedom to live as they would like to? When I am arguing for my “Asian values”, am I actually trying to prevent another human being from enjoying the same freedoms that I am already privileged enough to enjoy?

If the answer is “yes”, then you’re probably being a dick and should take some time to think about that.”

Original Article by Kirsten Han: COMMENT: The obsession with ‘Asian values’ must stop

It is time to shut down STOMP for good

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Written by Ng E-Jay
08 April 2014

STOMP is an SPH-run website that supposedly aims to bring light-hearted entertainment and citizen journalism to the masses. But in recent months, STOMP has disgraced itself time and again. It is both vile and atrocious that it dares to call the content it produces “citizen journalism”.

STOMP has mislead and misinformed the public time and again. It has churned out fabricated stories and has committed plagiarism on more than one occasion. It brings out the worst in human nature by encouraging people to send in incriminating videos and photos of other people caught engaging in anti-social acts, regardless of the mitigating circumstances surrounding those acts. STOMP is the epitome of what journalism — light-hearted or not — should not be.

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San Francisco bans bottled water. Singapore had BETTER NOT follow suit. I will get dehydrated!

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I just learnt than San Francisco banned bottled water! This is crazy! This is absurd! (See here)

Outside on a hot day, where will I get my hydration? I cannot be expected to go to the toilet and drink from a dirty tap, can I? The only way I can get my hydration will be to purchase expensive soft drinks, and I will be taking in loads of sugar and artificial flavorings, not to mention taking a toll on my kidneys and liver!

If you ban bottled water, then why aren’t you banning soft drinks that come in aluminium cans and plastic bottles? Aren’t they also unfriendly to the environment? Why ban bottled water but not aluminium and plastic soft drinks? WHY WHY WHY????????

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Greed without compassion: How the PAP government exploits Singaporeans economically

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Written by Ng E-Jay
25 February 2014

Yesterday, we read the sad news in the Straits Times (Breaking News, 24 Feb) that Some kidney patients had refused treatment and had choose to die.

According to the article, some patients are forced to forgo dialysis because they cannot afford it.

For instance, out of the 24 patients at the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) who had declined dialysis treatment in 2011, two were denied treatment because their families refused to bear the cost, and another four turned down the procedure because they did not want to be a burden to their families. Yet another six rejected the treatment because they felt it was too expensive.

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Mind the Cracks

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By Dr Wong Wee Nam

On 28th January 2014, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told the students attending the NTU Students’ Union Ministerial Forum that Singaporeans need to be united and cohesive, with a common purpose and a common goal to make Singapore better. There is nothing profound in this statement and anyone with a bit of commonsense will not disagree with Mr Lee.

There is no doubt the world will change in the next 50 years in ways that we cannot imagine. His reassurances were: “We need to educate our students better, with knowledge and skills for the future, with values and good character to deal with life’s uncertainties.”

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PAP government should be fined for every major administrative lapse

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Written by Ng E-Jay
10 January 2014

No thanks to the PAP government, Singapore has over the years developed a notorious reputation for being a “Fine City” — a city where people are slapped with financial penalties for a wide range of anti-social behaviour including chewing gum, spitting, and littering. To be sure, society must evolve to embrace good conduct and good manners. Let me state categorically that I support the punishment of people who repeatedly indulge in crass or unhygienic practices.

However, the high-handedness of the PAP government has created a negative image of Singapore. People know Singapore for being a tightly-controlled authoritarian nation, even if they have benefitted from the economic fruits our country has produced. People still call Singapore a “nanny state” even if our economic growth has made many of the elite immensely rich (the lower income have NOT enjoyed our economic prosperity). There is the pervasive, unshakable sense that underlying all the wealth and glitz associated with Singapore, crude and backward authoritarianism and oppression is still used by the ruling party to keep the populace in line as if we were but a bunch of farm animals.

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Two encouraging indicators of the potency of civil activism

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Update: SADPC, Second Chances and Think Centre are anti-Death penalty groups, not just anti-Mandatory death penalty. (Thanks, Rachel Zeng)

(EDITORIAL POLICY: This article may NOT be reproduced on any blog or website, but link-backs or SNIPPETS with FULL attribution to this site are welcome and appreciated.)

Written by Ng E-Jay
09 January 2014

Recently, there have been two encouraging indicators of the potency of civil activism. The first is the case of Mr Yong Vui Kong, a Malaysian man who had been convicted in Singapore for drug trafficking in the year 2008 and originally sentenced to death.

In 2013, after years of vigorous and tireless campaigning by anti-mandatory death penalty activists, the law was amended to allow for drug mules who were not ringleaders and who had cooperated substantially with the authorities to be granted an exemption from the death penalty. The same year in September, Mr Yong received a Certificate of Cooperation from the Public Prosecutor, and his life was finally spared in November, when Justice Choo Han Teck returned a verdict that reversed Yong’s death sentence.

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Global economic momentum improving, but don’t ignore disconnect between stocks and Doctor Copper


Global economic momentum is improving and looks set to surprise on the upside in 2014. However, Doctor Copper should not be ignored. Copper has frequently been dubbed the metal “with a Ph.D. in economics” for its uncanny ability at forecasting the global economic cycle. When the global economy expands, industrial output increases and demand for copper pushes its price up. The converse happens when the global economy contracts. Global stock prices have anticipated this favourable state of affairs and have priced in much of 2014′s growth potential.

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U.S. stock market: due for a correction

Regardless of how the economy performs this year, I suspect the U.S. stock market is due for a correction, perhaps as soon as the first quarter of 2014. Sentiment is very bullish and fund managers have piled into the market en masse to avoid under-performing their peers or their benchmarks. People generally believe the Federal Reserve has managed to rescue the economy. The market has moved straight up for one year with at most very shallow pullbacks. I believe the time is ripe for the market to rattle some nerves.

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Will 2014 be a decisive year for the United States regarding Middle Eastern affairs?

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According to STRATFOR, the year 2014 might be a decisive year for the U.S. in its involvement in Middle Eastern geopolitics.

STRATFOR’s latest geopolitical diary makes the case that working toward a nuclear settlement with Iran will take centre stage in U.S. strategy, with other hot spots like Syria and Israel/Palestine playing a peripheral but supportive role.

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