Don’t Piss on the Ashes

I couldn’t resist the headline “Chan Chun Sing rebuffs Huffington Post for running articles by Chee Soon Juan”. The latter had written two articles “Without Freedom There is No Free Trade” and “Free the Singapore Media and Let the People Go” talking basically about income inequality, media freedom creativity and the need for improvement in the system.

Two Blue Ticks

The majority of the actions that the PAP government has taken since GE 2011 have indicated they have not paid any heed to the message we sent. It’s true that they have slowed the influx of foreign labour and given Singaporeans a little breathing space. But the stress on society remains. Singaporeans are still facing fierce and unfair competition for jobs, and wages at the lower end of the income spectrum remain depressed despite the introduction of a minimum wage in a couple of key sectors.

History is Bunk

Over the last few days, there have been a lot of articles in the press to support the PAP’s position that it had been right to suppress its opponents in the early sixties because it was beyond the shadow of doubt that they were communists. In its view, Lim Chin Siong was clearly a communist even though he had publicly declared he was not and evidence from the Colonial Office corroborated this. The British intelligence believed he was not acting for the MCP or taking instructions from them. Chin Peng had confirmed he was not under their influence.

Transport companies now a huge political liability for PAP

Our transport companies have become a huge political liability for the PAP. Their frequent missteps, the regularly-occurring disruption of train services, and the incessant fare hikes have angered Singaporeans. Singaporeans do not just blame the transport companies for under-performing and under-delivering. They also blame the PAP government for allowing this state of affairs to develop.

Why the continued discrimination against single unwed mothers?

A blanket discrimination against single unwed mothers fails to take into consideration the possible factors why single moms exist. Some may have been forced to be single moms because of the tragic death of a loved one. Others might have chosen to do so because of a desire to protect their kids from a violent partner. How can the government, in good conscience, discriminate against such mothers? In fact, such mothers should be helped even more because of the sacrifice they are making in protecting their young.

Ms Teo Soh Lung on the lack of support for civil activists from Singapore’s opposition parties

MS TEO SOH LUNG: In Hong Kong, opposition parties actively support the young protesters, giving them encouragement, assistance and advice. They are by their side, assisting them and speaking up for them. They go on television in support of the protesters. Ms Emily Lau even took the trouble to go to the UN to champion… Continue reading

Why opposition parties in Singapore shy away from civil activists

A thought-provoking paragraph by netizen “3M” on why opposition parties in Singapore shy away from civil activists: QUOTE: “Political parties think differently from activists. Activists are concerned with the cause they advocate and do not give a hoot to political correctness. Politicians assess the position they need to take on the matter: whether to endorse,… Continue reading