Re-Clarification dated 13 July 2008

The Youtube User sgpolitics ( is NOT me. I do NOT know him/her, and I was not in any way involved in the manufacture of the videos this user has posted. I also do not endorse the content of the videos posted.

Clarification on Straits Times article on SDP forum

21st January 2008

I REFER to the article “Activists seek changes in electoral system” (ST, 21 Jan).

The article stated that lawyer Chia Ti Lik is the leader of SG Human Rights.

This statement is not true. SG Human Rights is an informal grouping with no administrative structure.

Perhaps this is just an error of expression. It would be better to say instead that Chia Ti Lik is a leader in human rights advocacy.

18th January 2008

Statement by Ng E-Jay, Chief Editor

The following web page was NOT done by me. I have already written in to google and blogger to complain that this is a case of impersonation and requested for their assistance.

The following videos, which to my knowledge were posted on youtube around 6-8 months ago, were also NOT done by me. – TITLE: homeless and poor in Singapore – TITLE: Lee Kuan Yew – TITLE: Singapore’s extraordinary government – TITLE: Sink-A-Poor – TITLE: PAP is the enemy – know your enemy

The above youtube videos were posted by a youtube moniker “sgpolitics” which unfortunately happens to be the same title as this blog. Nonetheless, I would like to clarify that I am not the youtube moniker “sgpolitics”, I was NOT involved in any way with the creation or posting of those videos, and I do NOT know who did it.

My youtube moniker is “ngejay”, as is my moniker on the popular online forum Sammyboy Alfresco Coffeeshop.

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