San Francisco bans bottled water. Singapore had BETTER NOT follow suit. I will get dehydrated!


I just learnt than San Francisco banned bottled water! This is crazy! This is absurd! (See here)

Outside on a hot day, where will I get my hydration? I cannot be expected to go to the toilet and drink from a dirty tap, can I? The only way I can get my hydration will be to purchase expensive soft drinks, and I will be taking in loads of sugar and artificial flavorings, not to mention taking a toll on my kidneys and liver!

If you ban bottled water, then why aren’t you banning soft drinks that come in aluminium cans and plastic bottles? Aren’t they also unfriendly to the environment? Why ban bottled water but not aluminium and plastic soft drinks? WHY WHY WHY????????

Clearly, this is the work of environmentalist IDIOTS who use their powerful muscle TO SHOVE THEIR WAY OF LIFE DOWN OUR THROATS.

If you ban bottled water, then what liquid shall I use to swallow my medication when I am outside, and what shall I use to hydrate on a hot day?

Surely I can’t just go up to a house I happen to pass by, knock on the door, and ask the owner to spare me two cups of boiled water?!?!!

Surely I can’t just go to the toilet and drink it from the dirty tap or the toilet bowl?!?!?!!

I am already helping to save my world by taking public transport. I am already doing my part by turning off my air con when I sleep.

If you deprive me of bottled water and I suffer dehydration when I am outside on a hot day … I WILL SEND MY MEDICAL BILLS TO THESE STUPID ENVIRONMENTALISTS.

These environmentalists have shown themselves to be dictatorial and do not care about the welfare of human beings. They only care about their selfish agenda which is funded by wealthy sponsors.

Why else would these stupid environmentalists go after bottled water – the healthiest form of hydration – and leave soft drinks alone?

These environmentalists are shoving their values and way of life down our throats. They have no regard for the health and welfare of other human beings. All they care about is their agenda of oppression of humanity in the name of saving the planet.

Their views and methods are distorted and repugnant. This ban on bottled water is silly and idiotic and utterly senseless.

  1. You can, like I and many others do, simply use a reusable bottle and fill it with water and take that with you.
    Aluminum is easier to recycle than plastic and has a much much higher recovery rate i.e. more of the amount sent in for recycling is successfully recovered and reused, than plastic.
    I think you’re being a tad hysterical.

  2. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I’ve generally found your point of view very interesting, and your ideas relevant, which is why I was so surprised when I read this post. I’ve got to say, at first I thought it was satire, and it took me a while to realize you were actually serious.

    You do realize that banning bottled water is not actually a plot by environmentalists to boost the sales of sweetened drinks – it’s a way of discouraging people from wasting massive amounts of resources on disposable containers for a drink which is available for virtually free from any tap. My own hometown of Manly, Australia, did this a number of years ago, and rather than leading to a rash of dehydration-related hospitalizations, people have just learned to carry a reusable water bottle with them when they go out. It will certainly take a little getting used to, and any government which does this will need to ensure that public water filters are widely available, but you’ll get used to it very quickly, and with huge numbers of disposable water bottles being saved, we’ll all be just that little better off.

  3. Continuing from above, bottled water may also not be very safe for consumption. In countries like the US, some bottled water contain traces of contaminants which may be harmful for human consumption. Watched this on an episode of Dr Oz Show. Research on bottled water and its safety for consumption and you will know more…