Media’s apology to Nicole Seah should be in PRINT

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Written by Ng E-Jay
29 November 2013

AsiaOne and Lianhe Wanbao have apologized to Nicole Seah for their highly misleading and insulting remarks that suggested she was seeing a married man. It has been clarified that the man in question is actually divorced.

AsiaOne wrote on their online portal:

AsiaOne would like to unreservedly apologise to Miss Nicole Seah and to Mr Steven Goh for any distress and inconvenience caused by an article posted on AsiaOne on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

The headline of the article, “Nicole Seah uploads photo of her with a man believed to be married”, as well as the first line of the article which mirrored the headline, did not correctly reflect the rest of the article’s content, which indicated that Mr Goh, the man in the photo, is divorced and not presently married.

Adrian Tay
Editor, AsiaOne

Lianhe Wanbao also made their apology online:

本报11月26日第6版新闻“佘雪玲与已婚男面簿上载亲密照”,提及佘雪玲与一名叫Steven Goh的已婚男交往,该男子现在的婚姻状况不详。 但我们过后得知该男子已离婚。 由于本报并未在上述报道中清楚写明该男子的婚姻状况,因此给佘雪玲小姐与Steven Goh先生造成不便,本报特此向两位道歉.

These apologies, while welcome, are inadequate. They should be made in print, because the original defamatory remarks were made in print.

By making the apologies online, the media is restricting it to online viewers. Those who read only the print version may not be aware that those apologies have been made. They may still be under the impression that was what reported was accurate.

The media has attempted to deal a savage blow to Nicole Seah’s reputation. They cannot be allowed to get away with this. They must apologize fully in print as well.

Nicole Seah has also reflected in Facebook that she would like to see the apologies made in print, or else she might have to consider legal action. She made this stand clear in a posting in the Yahoo Newsroom facebook page (see appendix).






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