Good people of Hougang save dog cruelly hunted by AVA

Written by Ng E-Jay
29 April 2013

Three big cheers to the good people of Hougang!

On 27 April, at around 10.30pm, some people in Hougang witnessed the horrifying spectacle of officers from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) hunting down a stray dog, and using cruel instruments such as a spiked rope to subdue and capture it. The stray dog had already been living in the community for years.

Around 50 Hougang residents rushed to the scene after they heard the dog’s pitiful cries for help. Shocked at the brutality of the methods used by the AVA officers to capture the dog, they intervened to protect the dog from harm.

It is well known that the AVA does not often allow the stray cats and dogs that they catch to be put up for adoption.

Typically citing a lack of resources, the AVA frequently puts down these stray animals rather than invest time and energy in finding them a home, or finding someone to look after them.

Whenever the AVA captures a stray cat or dog, regardless of whether the animal is healthy or whether it is tame, the end result is that the animal gets put to sleep.

Why should we allow such practices to occur in Singapore? Why do we have laws that criminalize the ill-treatment of pets and other animals, yet still allow our government bodies to carry out such acts on innocent animals?

You might say these are just stray animals, so why bother. But that would be tantamount to demeaning our compassionate spirit as a society. I would think human beings have evolved to a stage where they should now learn to have more tolerance and compassion for other living beings.

Thanks to the good people of Hougang, in this case, the stray dog was safely brought to a vet and to the Animal Welfare Association. Hopefully it would be able to find a good home and a loving owner who will care for it.

Thanks to the good people of Hougang, a life was saved.

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  1. my experience has been that far too many singaporeans do not have tolerance and compassion for stray animals.

  2. after a stray dog attack a kid, to many people will jump out and criticize AVA .
    Head you win, tail i lose. what a Singaporean way.

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