PM Lee: Poor sense of humour


Written by Ng E-Jay
04 April 2013

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has a poor sense of humour. During his recent Washington visit, he cracked a couple of off-beat jokes about China during an after-dinner speech attended by corporate big-wigs.

Teasing China about its environmental issues, Mr Lee said, “Beijing residents joke that to get a free smoke, all they have to do is open their windows!”

The intrepid Prime Minister then alluded to the thousands of pig carcasses routinely fished from Chinese rivers.

He said, “(In) Shanghai, if you want some pork soup, you just turn on the tap.”

When the audience appeared taken aback by the distasteful imagery of Bak Kut Teh flowing out of Chinese taps, Mr Lee was quick to qualify himself: “That’s their joke, not mine!”


PM Lee’s sense of humour was off-colour, and not befitting of a visiting head of government. These jokes were in poor taste even if they were not original jokes.

Apparently Mr Lee had tried to do a Jay Leno, but ended up doing a Larry the Cable Guy.

5 comments on PM Lee: Poor sense of humour

  1. Hsien Loong first love was to be a mathematician. Otherwise he’d rather be a comedian or to work in a circus but his father had other ideas.
    And citizenship in Singapore is now a joke, unless one is a minister or an elite sycophant running a GLC, TLC or some civil service department, as jobs go to FTs, where saving babies’ lives is a greater sacrifice than slogging it out in SAF or CD.

  2. What stupid jokes for a visiting head of state to make. His father will never say that and the Chinese will never forget that. Stupid.

  3. Cracking joke at Shanghai, the most prosperous and rich city in Asia, what has Singapore got to compare? Obviously, PM Lee is eating sour grab at other Asia city’s success.

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