This Indian man goes straight to the heart of the population debate

There are English captions.

  1. **CLAP **CLAP. . . . I super like this fellow Singaporean! He spoke without fear. More importantly what he said is what the majority of the Singaporeans think.

  2. i too saw the uncle speaking bravely on vasantham.he realy and truly fight for our local singaporeans rights.bravo to him.more locals should speak out like the brave can i contact him to say thank u.

  3. What he says is right lah, but it’ll be better if he doesn’t talk about workers crowding up the street and sending them back immediately cuz it’s kinda treating them like merchandise to be traded and used…

  4. I completely agree with him. It is time for the government to send the foreigners back home. I am fourth generation Singaporean. I see no future here in SIngapore for my kids with the foreigners taking over the jobs and driving up the property prices.