SDP on Cabinet reshuffle: PR exercise or genuine response to the people’s needs?

The changes to the cabinet and the introduction of the new ministries by the Prime Minister (PM) are accompanied by little useful information but much public relations puff.

Statements like Singapore entering a “new phase of development”, the need to “strengthen our families”, and focusing on “building a cohesive and vibrant society” have been stock phrases that the PAP makes whenever it feels the need to assuage Singaporeans about its policies.

What Singaporeans want to hear are specifics on how the Government will reform its wrong-headed policy of allowing the sudden and massive increase of foreigners into this country. Making motherhood statements like promoting “harmonious communal relations” is meaningless and changes nothing in reality.

In fact, the setting up of the two ministries – Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and the Ministry of Social and Family Development – seems suspiciously like an effort to manage Singaporeans’ resentment to its foreign workers’ policy rather than a genuine attempt to understand and resolve the hardships that the people are going through as a result of this policy.

The PM’s statement that “social and community issues are increasingly important in our shared home” seems to be code for making Singaporeans accept the current immigration policy. Singaporeans are not looking for a new Government ministry to tell them to continue to tolerate the intolerable. Instead they want concrete steps taken to stop the immigration flow and only accept foreign talent that our country is in genuine need of.

The problems of the influx of foreign workers have been going on for years and the PM is only now making a show of paying attention to them. His latest statement seems like a reaction borne out of after-thought than a studied immigration policy plan that addresses the longer-term needs of our society.

The SDP will continue to stay on the matter and speak up for the people until the Government sees the light and acts in the interest of Singaporeans. Until then, no amount of reshuffling of the cabinet is going to fool anyone.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party

4 comments on SDP on Cabinet reshuffle: PR exercise or genuine response to the people’s needs?

  1. PAP is just playing jigsaw puzzle but the picture remain unchanged. Yet msm made it into song and dance like some miracles have happened within the cabinet which is nothing more than a piece of boring news painted in a different way to tell Singaporeans that these ministers are going to get their pay raised (shortly after getting their pay cut recently). If Singapore wanted to be art hub, these PAP WAYANG or OPERA certainly took the cake on world stage.

  2. I hereby challenge Dr Chee to lead the SDP team over Chan’s to Tanjong Pagar GRC come 2016!!!!!I also challenge Nicole’s NSP team to return to Marine Parade GRC against Tan’s…….
    By then Chan might be PM and Tan is DPM…..Fair and square….
    We’ll see how Dr Chee can lead and deploy fellow SDP fellas there:Dr James Gomez,Jaslyn Go,Bryan Lim and Surayah Akhbar right against future PM Chan,Senior Minister of State Indranee,a Malay PAP candidate,Dr Chia and also a Chinatown lady newbie…See who’ll win the first Tanjong Pagar fight in 2016….
    PAP’s Future PM Chan or SDP’s Dr Chee………
    All others might face strong fellas in WP,SDP,NSP,SPP and so on……Most likely Tharman might move upwards,most likely AMK,while Grace Fu to return to Jurong…Lawrence Wong might also either remain West or eventually up to Central…Lui Tuck Yew might face strong challenge from NSP and Tan might face youth NSP team led by Nicole,if I’m not mistaken…No idea what will the Reform,SDA and Socialist might ever think of…..SPP however might concentrate mostly on the Central North side,namely Bishan too…..

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