PM Lee sets up facebook page

WARNING: Some paragraphs are ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek.

Written by Ng E-Jay
21 April 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set up his own facebook page on Friday, 20 April 2012. It can be accessed here.

In his “welcome” message, Mr Lee said that “the social media (has) changed the way we live, work and play, especially the way we connect with one another”, and that having watched his colleagues on facebook, he has decided to “join the fun”.

It is highly commendable that Mr Lee has taken a big, bold step into a new frontier, with the macho and manly courage befitting a former Brigadier General. It must have taken great fortitude venturing into online social media such as facebook, knowing the many brickbats that will inevitably come his way.

It is also good to know Mr Lee knows how to have fun. After all, he should know what “fun” means — he himself has explained that it is “no fun” being poor in Singapore (see PMO archive and here).

Mr Lee said that he would use the facebook page to talk about some of the things he is doing and thinking about, and that he would also like to hear from netizens.

Calling himself a “facebook newbie”, Mr Lee said that he “would appreciate your advice, suggestions and, most of all, your patience”.

After finishing his late night dinner, Mr Lee posted another message saying that he was “happy to find so many people have already seen my page: residents in Teck Ghee, Singaporeans far and wide (including at least one in Europe), an old SAF comrade I have not heard from for a while (Hi, Richard!) and even a well-wisher from Mauritius”.

Certainly, netizens would require a great deal of patience with this facebook newbie.

I hope netizens will guide this newbie through the challenge of his life, and treat him better than how they treated Ms Tin Pei Ling during the last general elections. Maybe for a start, netizens can gently remind Mr Lee that Tin Pei Ling’s surname in Chinese is “Chen” and not “Ting”.

Best wishes to you, PM Lee!!

2 comments on PM Lee sets up facebook page

  1. Since the PM going online is national news, this suggests that there is no matter of pressing national importance at the moment. He seems free enough. So why still no Hougang by elections?

  2. Does it matters whether the PM is on Facebook, Twitter
    and what not.
    Singaporeans are oni interested that he is competent,
    effective in making our living safe, peaceful and HAPPY.

    How do Singaporeans rate him after all these years?


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