Dr Tony Tan, do you know why you were booed?

Written by Ng E-Jay
19 August 2011

An Open Letter to Dr Tony Tan

Dear Dr Tony Tan,

I do not support booing. I believe there are far better ways for voters to express their disapproval of your candidacy, such as voting against you on polling day.

However, do you know why you were booed? Do you know why people turned up at the nomination centre to call you “jiak liao bee” — a Hokkien slang meaning “good for nothing”? Do you know why some people shouted the name of your son Patrick (NOT that I would EVER condone such behaviour)? Do you know why the crowd chanted “bullshit” at the end of your speech?

Booing of election candidates happens very often in developed countries. The Prime Minister of Australia has been pelted and booed. It is boorish and unproductive behaviour that should never be encouraged. However, what happened on nomination day in Singapore was a different matter.

The ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) governed Singaporeans with an iron fist for much of our nation’s history since independence. In the early years, the government under former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew shut down civic organizations, eradicated political opposition, and co-opted all influential segments of society to serve the PAP’s interest exclusively.

As cabinet minister from 1980 to 1991, and later, from 1995 to 2005, Singaporeans see you as part of that enormous PAP machinery that hollowed out civil society and clamped down on freedom of speech and expression. Unlike Dr Tan Cheng Bock who was a PAP MP from 1980 to 2006, you never offered vociferous opposition to policies and governmental actions that manifestly served the party’s rather than the people’s interest.

For a long time, the mainstream press has been part of this machinery that perpetuated PAP’s dominance and kept dissenting voices from being aired. As Chairman of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) from 2005 to 2011, you remain in the minds of the younger generation a potent symbol of how the government has muzzled citizens. You are seen as part of the force that has tried to hold back change.

You have been openly and repeatedly endorsed by key PAP ministers, as well as trade unions, clans, and other civic organizations that have no businesses entering the political arena. I do not know if all this endorsement will work in your favour, but I certainly hope they backfire. These endorsements tell me you are not independent as you claim to be.

Singaporeans have lost life and limb serving National Service. All they ask in return is that every citizen is treated equally and fairly. Yet when the time came to be transparent and forthright about your son’s 12-year deferment, you were neither. You had one chance to set the record straight, but you fled like an apparition encountering the first rays of the morning sun.

You have participated in defamation suits that ultimately led to the bankruptcy of J.B. Jeyaretnam and Tang Liang Hong.

You were a silent supporter of the 1987 ISA arrests unlike Mr Chiam See Tong, who despite not being in the PAP inner circle, knew that those arrests were a breach of human rights and had the courage to speak his mind in Parliament in defence of those 22 innocent social workers.

Compared to the suffering of these people, your being booed on nomination day pales in comparison.

In a nutshell, other candidates were cheered while you alone were booed because other candidates want Singaporeas to overcome their shackles and aspire to greater heights, but you alone want Singaporeans to be content with the status quo.

Singaporeans are no longer content to remain in shackles or to accept the status quo. They want change. You do not represent change. You represent an era of government oppression that held back change and incarcerated or even bankrupted those who campaigned for change.

I do not believe you should be booed. But I firmly believe you should not be president. You do not deserve that honour.

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  1. I agree with the writer; he’s just getting a taste of PAP’s own medicine. Think about how they “rule” and the way they treated oppositions, what is being booed? Xiao Yi Si

  2. This is a very well written article, which I absolutely agree. It’s amazing how the establishment is oblivious or the anger of a significant portion of the population. Regardless of what the government said, there is no impetus for structural reform which is seriously needed. I’m quite concerned, though, that the anti-PAP votes will split among the other 3 candidates and TT got the role by default. Other than people agreeing to unite behind one candidate, I do not know how to prevent this. Yet voting is a personal choice and it’s not right to compel people to vote in one way or another.

  3. I do not support Tony Tan and I want change, bt some of the pts seems to consist of fallacies. We are assuming that Tony got those unions to endorse him, but we cannot prove that for any mother son can come out to carry balls and endorse without a candidate’s approval. As such blaming him for it doesn’t seem like a good solid pt.

    As for his son’s NS, people who accept his explanation would find your point rather weak, and people who support it might do so just because they felt shortchanged even tho they are not qualified to serve as research scientists. What I think is that if we can show that no one has ever been used as a research scientist other than his son, then we have a point there. But no one can prove it.

    Finally, the pts raised do not seem in line with the conclusion. What has endorsement and failure to talk about son’s ns got to do with wanting the status quo as opposed to change and improvement for Singaporeans? The link is at most weak and degrades the value of the article. Perhaps we can improve by having articles that conclude better in the future?

    Besides, I think he got booed cause he is seen as the establishment. In the current climate, whoever is seem as the establishment would get booed, whether he has many endorsements or whether his son served NS as a MO or a scientist.

  4. Only in Singapore would those who have been spoiled by the PAP’s policies which have enabled them to have a higher standard of living over the decades cry fascism. Grow up kids.

  5. Great article ! This should be shared around those people whose minds are brain-washed by PAP. Yes, PAP has given Singapore a good start, and we should not be so ungrateful when we have received much. But the world is changing, and they are still focusing on GDP numbers, and not the quality of life of Singaporeans. Who cares about GDP numbers when what normal Singaporeans are trying to live each day with enough food and education? What are GDP numbers when the Govt don’t listen to the citizens not to build casinos that will ruin people’s lives?

    i look forward to the day of change for the better of Singapore.

  6. We don’t want a president who has been a steadfast supporter of MachiaveLeeism. Tony has been a puppet of Leeregime, he was the 1st choice by LKY for PM job. He is a thug of PAP.

    Why other candidates were cheered while he alone were booed because other candidates want Singaporeas to be freed from PAP control whereas Tony want to work with his political master for autocratic rule..

    Singaporeans want change. Tony want PAP to rule for another 5 decades..

    Voters should not be deceived by Tony’s sweet smile.. Vote an EP of Post-Lee era!!

  7. great i fully agree
    tho i dun condone booing but it was a way of letting off pent up emotions by our people.

  8. “We are assuming that Tony got those unions to endorse him, but we cannot prove that for any mother son can come out to carry balls and endorse without a candidate’s approval.”

    Seriously, why do you need to prove anything in this case. Exercise your own judgement when it comes to this . Look around and sense around, study the nature of human, and ask yourself why do you think Tony goes around Singapore for publicity ? Look around Tan clan association, NTUC … he just trying to influence vote , no doubt about that, and he asking for NTUC people to support him (Are you kidding me that you are still not sure ?). As whether people at NTUC will give him vote is another thing. What matter is that he is influencing voters to vote for him and that is what matter to PAP and him.

    You need evidence and evidence and PAP is not going to give you one, and neither they going to admit any wrong-doing. Even LKY doesn’t need evidence to lockup people (there is a LKY quote on that , just search the net) . Just use your own judgement.

    Why do you think PAP allow leeway for Tony Tan if he is truly independent ? You think the NTUC people and Tan clan association so free to entertain him if they do not expect that he return the favour someday ? Do you think this is human nature or speculation ?
    time to use your own judgement and common sense

  9. i’d agree for the point of change. but how can you guarantee that the change the others wish to pursue is for the greater good of Singapore?
    analyze those policies of the other candidates, you’ll see great flaws in them that’ll ruin the Singapore economy.

    one thing i’ll agree with Dr Tan would be on the notion to be satisfied with the current and move on from there. expecting a complete change at one go will spell doom for Singapore. i believe Dr Tan has what it takes to lead and govern the people.

    everyone picks on Dr Tan’s flaws the easiest due to his close nature, but what about the others? isn’t it biased on this count?

    isn’t it all too presumptuous that we’re not wanting GDP growth? when there is no growth the masses carry resentment. when there is too much growth, they carry grievances against the government as well. there’s no way to truely satisfy all that Singaporeans want due to the inherent difference in what we perceive as the greater and better Singapore that lies ahead.

  10. “’d agree for the point of change. but how can you guarantee that the change the others wish to pursue is for the greater good of Singapore?”

    There is no guarantee but the change start with you, and not PAP, and not Tony Tan. Tony Tan, his benefactor, his cronies and parties are there to preserve their existence and status quo. He is not speaking for you when he lost billions of investment in GIC, and no accountability to the public for his son;s preferential treatment , and hence there is high possibility he will not speak for you when he is president since it means he is investigating himself and his own party. Get real.

    There is no guarantee in life. You just having a mindset to eat both side of the cake, that is to play safe and hope thing will just be good. definitely PAP is not going to give it to you unless you fight for it (didn’t we see it in election ?).

    The change start with you, and if you yourself don’t want to change then please don’t go around the site and comment how the PAP ought to do this and do that . You know PAP and you still having delusion ?

    Come on, you can think better than that !

  11. shame shame .. Patrick Tan’s dad, you should have not run for election and still could retire with your skeleton remain in the closet. now, all’s gone, no face liao. shame shame.. .

  12. Well written article – clear, concise and easy to understand.

    You should get someone good at Chinese to translate this and publish it elsewhere, so the heartlanders who speak/read Mandarin only will be able to know about this.

    Great Effort.

  13. > one thing i’ll agree with Dr Tan would be on the notion to be satisfied with the current and move on from there. expecting a complete change at one go will spell doom

    Vincent, you are so right. We cannot satisfy all Singaporeans so we must prioritize.

    The Dignity of Ministers is of course paramount. Everyone else must make sacrifices and work harder, faster and cheaper to ensure this.

    Tony Tan is certain to help maintain the current (status quo), so their World Record Dignity can be further improved. Why quibble about one measly NS deferment in the face of such important issues.

    And if the World Economy defeats this Grand Plan? Why there are the Reserves. Everyone will be glad to leave their CPF a few more years to help enhance Ministerial Dignity.

    Without greater Ministerial Dignity, we are Doomed! Dooommed! DOOOMMED!!

  14. Aiyo, why like that one, TT you retired with a “” limelight”” now you are creating a” lamelight”, u ask for endorsement with several unions but think will their ordinary members be swayed by your nepotism? U shake hand with those rich & mighty but to the ordinary “market monger” u stretch your hand for the shake u rather not hold,Unless I m a dunderhead. I will vote for TKL or TJS

  15. “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”
    — Frederick Douglass

    “The only limit to the oppression of government is the power with which the people show themselves capable of opposing it.”
    — Enrico Malatesta

    “Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or both.
    The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
    — Frederick Douglass

  16. How silly. Please don’t talk as if you speak the minds of ALL Singaporeans. Are you sure ALL Singaporeans agree with you? Are the comments of praise for your article here representative of ALL Singaporeans? At best, you speak the minds and boos of the opposition that is all, and you need to brush up on your English. You do not condone booing as it is uncivilised and uncouth. Therefore if anything, it goes to show opposition supporters (who booed their way through GE to the PE) are that uncivilised and uncouth no?

  17. My greatest fear is Revolution may be the key to Freedom, Equality, and Justice instead of all these fiasco. Remember how Suharto, Marcos, Ceauşescu and Saddam were being kicked out ? Yes, by the people or by external force !

    Gentlemen, it is time to consider this option if everything else fail you. For the sake of the Republic !

  18. WE are talking about President Election, NOT GENERAL ELECTION. It is seem like a lot of people still confuse with two election.
    WE are talking of having a President to represent Singapore to face the world, who can talk the same level of language with other country’s representative.
    WE are talking of a President who can give STRONG advice to government on when to use our reserve, and he is able to proof the government with statistical study.

    Think of it, we are no a huge country like China, US and other Europe countries, just a tiny little RED DOT on the map, but our reserve are more than some of the first world countries. It’s not the effort of YOU and ME, do you think just the contribution of our CPF will grow the reserve so much. Without GIC, do you think your CPF can still get 4percent interest every year, better than bank.
    Any investment will have lost and grow, the most important is to get back the lost and earn more. I think Dr. Tony Tan did a great job during his time in GIC and SPH, because Singapore DON’T have the crisis as US and EU and SPH give great dividend to share holder.

  19. Dear Dr Tan

    As alumni of MIT, we together shoulder the responsibility to make a better world, not just Singapore.

    As operation research teach us methods of how to reduce costly elements, how to accomplish more, with less, faster.
    To make a better world, is to do more with less, not to pour more into the abundance and get obese, choked, flooded.

    I have not without close encounter, exchanges with you.
    I hope you stand up to cultivate Singaporeans to be better, stronger.
    Which GKS, HSS did exceptionally well.
    The second generation leaders has failed, failed miserably.

    How could baby boom generations of engineers fail to produce capable devoted Ministers to lead MEWR, MND, MOT, MINDEF, Engineering Faculties?
    Prime Minister has underlined this shocking failures of your MIT-alliances with his line up of Ministers, civil service, GLCs, even F and N.

    How much money you have poured in, and how fewer engineers are maturing? How many faculty members has depleted since your massive investment?
    Fewer, fewer top Chinese University graduates are coming year after year?

    I put my email address as [email protected]
    I am in close quarter watching you and totally disapprove, dissatisfied with your performance as an MIT alumni – this can be seen from how much farther Taiwan, Hongkong, Korean did with lower density of MIT alumni, less costly alliance with MIT.

    Our tertiary institutions is in shocking state of hollow out, comparing not to Taiwan, Hongkong, but to our neighbor soon.

    Nobel laurates Prof Yang said 2010 03 04 at NTU
    “Everytime i come here, i see more, grand lecture halls”
    and that grand hall was filled with Chinese scholars, and few, very few Singaporeans.
    I was the only Singaporean participated in discussion.

    You saw you are still young and full of vigor, you have enough years to turn this grave disaster into a fruitful journey to be remember by the off springs of Peter, Patrick, Patricia.

    You should do without pay, without office to atone the erosion to the solid foundation our great founders labored to forged.

    You owe to our great founders, our citizens and as MIT alumni to mankind.
    i am ready to come to your aid as fellow Singaporean first before MIT fellow alumni

    Future is a dream
    Seize today, this very moment.
    I was there, heard the boo.

    Looking at how our neighbors have been negatively impacted.
    I hope you do not lead clans, unions, businessman in particular bankers, real estate developers into politics – capitol hill is a good guide.

    LIM Swee Keng SM’85

  20. I find the younger generation of Singaporeans naive. You ask for change for the sake of change. U do not realize the potential ramifications. You are idealistic perfectionist yet detached from how things are around the world. Pls wake up to your senses.

  21. Lim Swee Keng above, apparently an academic(professional), had clearly elucidated in his comment above, the viewpoint of a learned man.

    Me am a lay senior citizen, born and brought up here with very little education, so me shall just look at the President’s Function and the Coming Presidential Election like an ordinary man.

    Other than those on death row pleading for leniency through the President’s Pardon, all other Singaporeans have little or nothing to with our Sin President and the Sin President with us.

    As for the President’s duty to look after the Reserve, as citizens, we do not get to share it or even smell it. After near five decades of independence, hundreds of thousands who had contributed to the nation building had turned into ashes without even understanding what National Reserve is all about, much less having benefited from It.

    Tony Tan has been shouting that there is a looming crisis and that he will be most qualified to help the Government in facing it. Is he implying that IF HE IS NOT ELECTED AS THE NEXT PRESIDENT, HE WILL NOT ASSIST SINGAPORE IN ANY CRISIS? Come on tony, even with little education; me finds that You lack commonsense and no sense of duty to your country and fellow countrymen.

    I like to ask all the Presidential Candidates and I shall ask the same question at most other sites that I participate in. And the Question is: If the President Of Sin is given an emolument of $250K or less per annum, will You still contest the Election?


  22. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Tan_Keng_Yam

    If you read the ‘Disagreement with Cabinet Colleagues’, you have to know that Dr. Tony Tan is not a ‘yes’ man during his term in PAP.

    In spite of all the accusations made at him, Dr. TT remains calm and collected. This is the kind of person Singapore wants as President. We do not need a President who thinks he be a ‘guardian of PAP’…not possible as he has no power nor say in policy making.

  23. “WE are talking of a President who can give STRONG advice to government on when to use our reserve, and he is able to proof the government with statistical study.”

    No, deciding when to use the reserves is the Government’s job. The President’s job is to consider the Government’s proposals and say yes (or no) if and when the time comes.

  24. Booing? Have you seen how the British PM were booed when he was giving speech in the Parliamanet?

    Our leaders must be able to learn how to handle this kind of booing when people disagree on what happened!

  25. @William tan: I’m not sure we should aspire to be like the UK… Just think abt the riots and hooliganism that has happened in UK recently

  26. A student was disturbing the class throughout the lesson.
    His fellow students were not happy as they could not hear
    what the teacher was saying. The student’s father said,
    “while I do not agree with my son’s behaviour but my son
    does not like the teacher, so he disturbed the class to protest
    against the teacher”
    The fellow students were confused with what is right or wrong.

  27. i cant understand how your arguments can be consistent when on one hand, you write that you dont condone booing of election candidates, yet you also write that the candidates deserves this especially since it “pales in comparison” to the suffering of opposition figures. everything else in the article points at the fact that you think he deserves to be booed.

  28. Most public figures will not welcome booing with the magnanimity.

    A lot of politician especially those men in white get so used to approval, a little bit of booing keeps them on their toes. Critics may regard booing as symptomatic of a society in which good protocol have been degraded but we have bear in mind that such practice started in ancient Europe. For example, the Romans saw vocal expression of the disapproval type as an essential element of civic spectacle. This was usually quite brutal because in the Roman gladiatorial competitions, the response of the horde could decide life or death. Of course, this is the 21st century and we do not want anyone to die through this way.

    Booing cannot be all bad as well. A chorus of boos can, in fact, come as a relief to anyone if it hastens their exit from a disastrous performance. Coming back to Tony Tan, I would have thought this boo has somewhat brought a relief to his lacklustre speech on the nomination day.

  29. You will not get my vote, Mr Tony Tan. You are
    The cause of the Education System here, you implemented the
    Express n normal stream that bought many students down n
    Lower their self- esteem. I always hated your ways of running this system
    Till today many students are still trap with this system.
    Si I am not voting you.

  30. Let me add the following:

    The level of governance expected of companies is more exacting than that of our government. Corporations are expected among other requirements, to have independent directors and report on related parties/persons transactions. Yet now at the national level, the government allows a candidate for the elected president someone who was until recently the deputy chairman and executive vice president of GIC. Lets not forget the following:

    a) the government refuses to disclose the amount of reserves that Singapore has and how much of it is managed by GIC
    b) the government refuses to disclose how much GIC lost during the 2008/09 financial crisis
    c)dr Tony Tan as deputy chairman and execuvtive vice president at that time was responsible for managing GIC and its investments, profits and losses

    Therefore, I wonder if TT by becoming president is a calculated move by the government to hide serious mistakes and the extent of irreparable damage to our reserves through losses during the 2008/09 crisis.

    Next, TT was a minister at the time when the PAP goverment implemented the COE scheme. This was in reality a social compact by which the government discourages citizens to own cars in return to affordable and reliable public transport. But the government has since reneged on this compact and not only is owning a car a major financial undertaking for most citizens but we are told that public transport operators must be allowed to earned an economic return on capital to sustain reliability – affordability has been blown out of the window. another thing, since the introduction of the COE scheme, the government policy on population has changed to allow more PR and foreigners. This has the effect of increasing our population through unnatural means such that the number has been increased dramatically, but the COE quota was not adjusted to factor this in. Thus, the huge increase in COE premium over the last 2 years.

  31. Do people even up to now really understand how PAP works ?

    You think it is not right to boo these incompetent clown ? Let me to tell you that the PAP are the one who ask us to boo them.

    You don’t have to believe me but you have to believe them in their own words.

    ““People support CPF cuts because there are no protest outside parliament.” – PM Lee.

    In other words, if we don’t boo the PAP representative (please, don’t tell me that person is independent, if so how the hell is he using state asset to promote him ? “, we are as good as supporting PAP presidential candidate.


  32. “I’m not sure we should aspire to be like the UK… Just think abt the riots and hooliganism that has happened in UK recently”

    You mean we should not learn the good thing from UK because bad event happen to the country ? Is not our law of justice derive from UK. How about not going to UK to further study because we should not aspire to learn from them due to those bad events happening.

    “In spite of all the accusations made at him, Dr. TT remains calm and collected.”

    Woohhooo , are you implying that only good people remains calm and collected but bad people are hash and not-collected. Seriously, if I belong to elite of Lee dynasty, I will remain calm and collected as well since I been paid millions, I may as well keep my mouth shut. You just have to listen to the answer from Tony Tan, and you don’t feel insult as lesser mortals ? Come on, some victims of the so-called marxist conspiracy are still alive, and how can Tony Tan just bush these evidences ? The history of PAP are for us to see , who is Tony Tan to insult us with his nonsensical reply.

  33. If there is no iron fist rule in this country, you wouldn’t have enjoyed the fruits today. Please don’t compare a tiny island of Singapore with large countries such as Australia or USA. Be thankful.

  34. Below is a letter I wrote to Minister for Defence and MINDEF, copy to the Prime Minister.

    I believe I speak for tens, if not hundreds, of Singaporean men who are now serving or have served NS over the years:

    The ULTIMATE TEST of a true-blue Singaporean is whether he is prepared to DIE for his country, let alone the President of Singapore. Can we and should we expect anything less from the President? Or his son? Do we want a President who is not prepared to let his son die for his country?

    (I also sent it to Online Citizen, but it was censored. You draw your own conclusions)

    “Viewed against the backdrop of Aug 4 ST front page news that another young NS man has DIED in training, Dr Tony Tan and his son (and those like him, and those in MINDEF) ought to take a good hard look at themselves in good conscience and repent, and desist from perpetuating Animal Farm’s “some-pigs-have-two-legs” kind of social injustice; and stop defending the indefensible.

    As someone who has served 3 years of full-time NS, and 13 years in Reserve, who risked life and limb in training, who had to learn to administer body bags and body counts, who has seen young men coming home from overseas training in “boxes”, visited young men in blood-drenched army fatigues in hospital, Dr Tony Tan, Dr Patrick Tan and MINDEF’s self-indulgent and self-serving letters sickens me to the bone. Makes me want to vomit.

    Lest we all forget, many good young men, Singaporean young men have over the years died learning to defend this country. To the families of these young men sacrificed for the nation’s good, those letters are a cruel requiem. They have not only given two and a half years. They have given their entire lifetime.

    Lest we all forget, there are many good young men who were maimed in service. Theirs must surely be bleeding hearts on reading those letters.

    First Batch National Serviceman”

  35. No need to waste time liao.

    Election result :-

    Tan cb – 38%
    Tony tan- 30%
    Tan js and tan kl – split share of the balance 32%.

    (estimation +- 2 %)

    Data collected fm hawker ctr, army friends, taxi bus mrt Lrt ride and my PAP supporter friends. Cheers Dr Tan C B

  36. So a big snake is exposed and it a double-headed snake pretending to be a dragon.
    I will not vote for Tony Tan.

  37. Tony, it’s time to quit from the race. You have made enough money already and you should be resting at home waiting for your retribution from Heaven.

    You and your coward son makes me sick.

    While we are busu cleaning rifles, your son is busy cleaning test tubes.

    You will have retribution from Heaven. Just wait and see.


  38. tony tan deserved to be booed. his son patrick tan defered nsf for medical school but did not serve as combat medical officer despite being combat fit. that alone is blatantly unfair and against saf rules. the medical officer conversion course lasts 3 months . patrick tan could have converted then do research .the research on meloidosis can wait 3 months right??it is still 1 year 9 months of air con comfort and civilian life after that.it is obvious tony tan either made it happen or let it happen. he says justice in his campign and now we know what he means by justice.

  39. Your article is hardly objective, as much as you think it is. For one, it is linked to articles that are equally (or more) biased against Dr Tony Tan. Some of the points are warped and do not have much basis.

    “participated in defamation suits”

    “silent supporter of the 1987 ISA arrest”

    Try harder, my friend.

  40. People aren’t realising how good Singapore is today. without PAP and Lee Kuan Yew, will singapore be so comfi today?

    I count my blessings against others from other countries and I thank GOD anf my government.

    yes, my husband and me will support you with our vote.


  42. the fabric of society is ruined, every guy has a discounted maturity of 3 years. (2 years in ns, one year waiting for uni to start)

    guy at the age of 26 has no working experience
    lady at the age of 26 worked for 3 to 4 yrs.

    she would have learnt so much more in terms of working experience and how society is really like.

    he is still talking about academic theories. gin na! (small kid) the gap is too wide.

    he doesnt have the experience to command respect from her and when a woman cant respect a man, she cant love him. for a woman, respect and love comes hand in hand. whatever he says, she will shoot something back because he doesnt have the credentials.

    its the biggest joke in singapore.

    she tries to find a man who is much older than him but even if he is 5 years older, he only worked a few years, how much money does he have? he tries to get into her books by buying a car to drive her around and pay for food to act manly but how much money does he really have?

    “get conned into marriage”

    after marriage the reality kicks in, divorce rates goes up.

    men in singapore are lost, they find thai or viet woman because they are gentle, nice, loving and caring without giving men the feeling that they are too experienced which freaks them out.

    women in singapore look down on men because of their lack of experience.

    it is a tragedy.

    i graduated at the age of 21 as a guy in singapore. started work earlier than the girls of my age. let me assure u, what i have written above, is the biggest tragedy in singapore. the ripple effects will destroy singapore.

    i can buy a 1 mill private property on my own anytime now. i just turned 24. but can the guys of my age do that?

    now if u stop men from finding thai or viet women or women whom they can find an emotional home in, they will do everything to ensure u lose ur position in the government. this is happening now, the government is losing their position.

    PAP is a good government look at singapore, we are rich, and a safe country. but PAP will still lose everything one day because they forgot that the chemistry between a man and a woman is the fabric of society.

  43. Singaporeans want change for the sake of having change. Their hopes that change will be for the better lives of Singaporeans are blinding them from the flaws in the other candidates’ policies. You see, it’s a choice between stable but slow growth, or risky and sharp plunge down or improvement up.
    Now we have Dr Tony Tan. Be glad. There’s nothing you can do about it.

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