Comments on my open letter to Mr Tan Jee Say

Sidetrack: Over time, there have been quite a few people who took a lot of effort to write well thought out comments on some of my articles, such as the articles concerning motherhood and baby bonus for instance. Some critical comments are also very well written and deserve to be highlighted. Over the next few days I shall be highlighting some of these.

Comment by Dr Wong Wee Nam

There are 2 points I would make:

1. The case is still sub-judice and it is illegal for anyone to comment.

2. If a question is to be asked in connection to a presidential election, it should be asked to all presidential candidates, eg, What are your views on mandatory death penalty? What are you views on the appointment of judges?

It is all right to ask a specific candidate and only him alone if all the other candidates have made their views known and he is the only one who had kept quiet.

It is also fair play to ask a particular candidate a specific question if the issue had involved him personally, eg, about son doing NS.

Comment by Anonymous

Most Singaporeans are shallow and selfish to see the SDP’s fight for freedom of assembly as just a personal struggle.

When this fight is finally won, everyone is happy to utilize it such as gathering at the Speakers’ Corner “legally”. No credits to those who used to be persecuted and publicly ridiculed for their “stupidity”.

Plenty of silent opportunists around!