SDP’s National Day Message 2010 — The Young Ones

What kind of a society are we building for our young ones? What are their aspirations? Are they going to live in a country that is different from ours, one which is free and democratic? We hear from them in this year’s National Day Message from the SDP.


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  1. Joyce on Fri, 20th Aug 2010 6:27 pm
  2. Well Said ! As I remenber when I was watching the national day telecast on 8/9/10, they talk about our national pledge, talk about the 5star…

    I really cant help myself crying out. talk about “EQUALITY”.
    I’m a unwed single mom, I’m unable to buy a HDB flat with my son as a family. no grand. no 1st timer benefit. only can buy resale flat.

    But those who married can enjoy so much from it , & yet I have to pay tax as all other citizen. My son have to serve NS !

    Why take away all the benefit as a citizen away from me & my son & yet show on TV HOW EQUAL YOU ARE ???

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