Floods again today! What excuse will PAP give now?

By the Singapore Democrats
25 June 2010

When Bukit Timah Road flooded in 2009, Environment Minister Yaacob Ibrahim told us it was a once-in-50-years freak incident. When Orchard Road was flooded, the problem was debris in a culvert blocking the water flow.

Always an excuse, never acknowledgement of failure of planning. This morning’s floods — now over several parts of Singapore including Upper Thomson Road, Bukit Timak Road (again), Boon Lay Road — have exposed the PAP’s hubris yet again.

When will the Government stand up like a true leader and accept responsibility, apologise to the public and make sure that genuine effort is made to aleviate the situation. If the situation warrants (as in the case of Mr Wong Kan Seng over the repeated security breaches), the minister should be replaced.

Instead, we see the PAP making the unseemly move of making the public servants take the blame. When Mas Selamat escaped, it was the police officers. When the MRT depot was broken into, it was the SMRT. When Orchard Road was flooded, it was the PUB.

Public servants take directions from the PAP politicians. The ministers determine how much resources is made available for infrastructure maintenance and improvement. Without proper planning and foresight from the political leadership, things go wrong.

This is why the PAP ministers, not civil servants, must be held accountable.

The Orchard Road flood was blamed on a blocked culvert, not a failed canal system. Translation: The former meant that someone at the PUB was not vigilant enough to make sure that the drain remained clear and unobstructed, the latter was lack of planning on the part of the politicians.

Were there more blocked culverts in this morning’s floods? Or will the Government finally take responsibility?

Through all these incidents the Prime Minister has, and is continuing, to hide. Mr Lee Hsien Loong has not uttered a word about the recent floods and the security breach into the MRT depot. He has shown absolutely zero leadership.

When there are accolades the ministers stand right in front to absorb the fragrance, using it to increase their salaries. When troubles come, they hide and push the blame to others. Welcome to the world of the PAP.

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  1. Very weird: where is LHL? Blame not themselves but others? What cowards are the million dollar Ministers?

  2. Nice argument painted there. I am not into politics, nor am i a fan of PAP. What i do know is that there is a budget to everything that we see in singapore.

    Technologically, the government can replace all current drains of 20cm or so depth with a 10m deep ones. All the major canals can be as crazy as 100m deep. One can guarantee that singapore will not see a single flood ever again. Who will foot the cost of these engineering feats ? is it worth paying that price to ensure that singapore will be flood-free at that price tag ? or are we contented with paying a tiny fraction of the costs to reduce the risk of flood to once in 50 years ?

    Planning and foresight can only bring us this far, no one can predict the effects of climate changes. These floods we see, the scorching hot weather are effects that we cannot accurately predict. The earth is warming at an alarming rate. 50 years later, when the ambient temperature rises another 5 degrees, are we going to blame the government again for not building air-conditioned walkways and bus-stops ?

  3. I so agree with handsomeugly. Besides cut some slack on our government. They are not perfect. At the very least, They are TRYING to do something about it. Unless you can manage far better than the PAP. Which I doubt so.

  4. The Malaysian solved Kuala Lumpur floods with an ingenius drain cum highway called the SMART tunnel.Which solved flood woes to 4 million inhabitants of the Klang Valley. The Singaporean government can’t even protect a fraction of its population from floods.


    Are we going to let the Malaysians rule you guys now?

    Maybe the PAP would say the eavy rains and a good sign of your 15% economic growth.

  5. hi – is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the bing browser “www.sgpolitics.net” i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?

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