Is Marina Barrage the reason for unhealthy water conditions?

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ST letter (online) by Mr Goh Shi Hai, 23 June 2009

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FOR the past few months, dead fish have been seen floating at the shoreline of Marina Reservoir, near Kallang Basin.

Many dragonboat rowers who use the reservoir have also been suffering skin infections. Even with small cuts and abrasions, recovery is complicated, often developing into badly infected wounds that, in some cases, even required surgery.

Previously, dragonboat trainees hardly suffered from such conditions. Is the construction of the Marina Barrage the reason for the contamination of the water?

Could it be because the Barrage blocks the flow of the water from the area to the open sea? Is the problem exacerbated by the decomposing marine life dotting the shoreline?

Can the relevant authorities advise on the current water conditions as well as the measures in place to ensure that the water remains safe and fit for rowers?

Goh Shi Hai


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