Month: January 2015

Don’t Piss on the Ashes

I couldn’t resist the headline “Chan Chun Sing rebuffs Huffington Post for running articles by Chee Soon Juan”. The latter had written two articles “Without Freedom There is No Free Trade” and “Free the Singapore Media and Let the People Go” talking basically about income inequality, media freedom creativity and the need for improvement in the system.

Two Blue Ticks

The majority of the actions that the PAP government has taken since GE 2011 have indicated they have not paid any heed to the message we sent. It’s true that they have slowed the influx of foreign labour and given Singaporeans a little breathing space. But the stress on society remains. Singaporeans are still facing fierce and unfair competition for jobs, and wages at the lower end of the income spectrum remain depressed despite the introduction of a minimum wage in a couple of key sectors.