Ms Teo Soh Lung on the lack of support for civil activists from Singapore’s opposition parties

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MS TEO SOH LUNG: In Hong Kong, opposition parties actively support the young protesters, giving them encouragement, assistance and advice. They are by their side, assisting them and speaking up for them. They go on television in support of the protesters. Ms Emily Lau even took the trouble to go to the UN to champion their cause and London to speak on Hard Talk. In Malaysia too, opposition parties were involved in mass demonstration organised by civil society. They stood with them when tear gas and water cannons were fired. They went to jail because they stood up against injustice.

But in Singapore, where are the opposition parties? Do they exist? Do they speak up when civil society is under attack.

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The human race is still far behind on certain issues ……

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Written by Ng E-Jay
31 October 2014

Up till today, we have many human beings who are:

(i) Disgusted with abortion, but not disgusted with the mandatory death penalty

(ii) Argue against minimum wage, but not against excessive executive compensation

(iii) Prefer to argue over who created the world, rather than in trying to protect the world

(iv) Are offended by homosexuality but not offended by poverty, child abuse, forced prostitution, political incarceration, detention without trial, etc.

Why opposition parties in Singapore shy away from civil activists

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A thought-provoking paragraph by netizen “3M” on why opposition parties in Singapore shy away from civil activists:

QUOTE: “Political parties think differently from activists. Activists are concerned with the cause they advocate and do not give a hoot to political correctness. Politicians assess the position they need to take on the matter: whether to endorse, oppose or to adopt a more ambitious stance. If political party ever comes out to endorse what the activists advocate, it must be part of the larger picture of how many votes they gain by doing so and does it comes into conflict with their targeted supporters?

I liken activist and politician with inventor and businessman. Inventor is the one who will be passionate about their inventions and the mechanism behind it. Businessman on the other hand will be more concerned with the marketability of the invention: how receptive are the public to the product and the projected sales target? We have to accept the fact that there are inventions that can be marketed and there are those that are completely unfeasible.”

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Human rights activists should support Hong Kong protesters

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Written by Ng E-Jay
02 October 2014

Human rights activists all over the world should stand in solidarity with Hong Kong protesters who have stood up bravely and are unrelentingly campaigning for greater democracy and greater political self-determination in Hong Kong.

The protests in Hong Kong are an annual tradition, dating to before Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. In the Occupy Central protest this year, the turnout has been massive and unprecedented. This is also the first time violent police action, including tear gas, has been used on protesters.

The protesters are demanding that Hong Kongers be free to elect their Chief Executive from a wider pool of independent and autonomous candidates, as opposed to having an Election Committee select on behalf of Hong Kongers a narrow list of pro-Beijing candidates who have been screened and approved by China’s central government.

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