Month: May 2014

Statement by civil society on racism and xenophobia

The key to addressing the economic frustrations felt by many Singaporeans is to amend the economic policies and structures that cause worsening economic inequality and marginalisation. These inequitable policies were not instituted by migrants and will not automatically disappear if the migrant population decreases. We urge for the energies of civil society to be directed toward creating a fairer, more equal society for all, including universal labour rights and employment protections.

Bus industry revamp acts as a bail-out package and semi-nationalization

Under the new bus contracting model, the government will own, provide, and fund all bus operating assets and infrastructure, including buses, depots, monitoring and operations systems, and fare systems. The LTA will determine the bus services to be provided and set the required service standards. Bus operating companies will then bid for the right to operate these services through competitive tendering. Twelve packages of routes, with about 300 to 500 buses each, will be available, and the packages will be based around depots and could be a combination of existing and new routes.

CPF Minimum Sum raised to $155,000

How has the CPF minimum sum changed over the years? In 2003, the minimum sum, adjusted for inflation, was only $80,000! Five years later in 2008, it had become $106,000. And now, within the span of a decade, it has nearly doubled to $155,000. This represents a compounded rate of increase of slightly over 6 percent per annum for the eleven years from 2003 to 2014.

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