Month: April 2014

Dr Chee Soon Juan looks set to contest next general elections

The SDP is the most all-rounded opposition party in Singapore, with a record of participation in international events hosted by world-renowned human rights organizations, the most comprehensive and well-researched policy papers on all major socio-economic issues faced by Singaporeans, as well as the most publicized record of groundwork activities all year round. The SDP is also the party most active in social media and reaching out to the younger generation through talks, forums, and outreach programmes.

Women do not have unfettered right to alimony

Women do not have unfettered right to alimony. Such a notion is barbaric and demeaning to men, and allows for gender inequality to become entrenched. An unfettered right to alimony is in fact the hallmark of a patriarchal and chauvinistic society which regards men as superior in ability to women and thus responsible for the well-being of women.

AWARE clarifies its position after receiving criticism

My reaction to AWARE’s initial statement was also negative. I felt that AWARE had jumped the gun, and had trotted out overly negative criticism without knowing the exact details of the Defence Minister’s proposals. There was nothing in Dr Ng Eng Hen’s remarks that he intended to give NSmen fundamental benefits which would place them in an advantageous position relative to women.

Two graphs that show what has gone wrong with Singapore

In Singapore, we have low wages but a high cost of living. As a result the lower income Singaporeans are locked in a daily struggle for survival, and middle income Singaporeans find retiring comfortably a great challenge. The high cost of living is due to escalating property prices and rentals which force businesses to raise prices in tandem. Low wages are due to artificial wage suppression by massive foreign influx.

When would it be necessary to form a coalition government?

The opposition must build itself up and continue to provide a credible alternative to the people. Right now, it is still too early to speak of coalition politics. But one day, the time might come to consider that. The opposition and the people must make it clear that the only way the PAP can maintain its hold on power is if it changes the way it approaches key national issues.

Why our politicians seriously need to stop babbling about cheap hawker food

When people are feeling the pain from never-ending price increases and a cost of living that not only seems to be going up all the time, but going up at an alarming rate, the last thing they need to see is PAP MPs bragging out enjoying cheap meals at coffeeshops and hawker centres. This kind of bragging only compounds the frustration people have with the rising cost of living and it sets the politicians even further apart from the people.

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