San Francisco bans bottled water. Singapore had BETTER NOT follow suit. I will get dehydrated!

March 12, 2014 by · 4 Comments
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I just learnt than San Francisco banned bottled water! This is crazy! This is absurd! (See here)

Outside on a hot day, where will I get my hydration? I cannot be expected to go to the toilet and drink from a dirty tap, can I? The only way I can get my hydration will be to purchase expensive soft drinks, and I will be taking in loads of sugar and artificial flavorings, not to mention taking a toll on my kidneys and liver!

If you ban bottled water, then why aren’t you banning soft drinks that come in aluminium cans and plastic bottles? Aren’t they also unfriendly to the environment? Why ban bottled water but not aluminium and plastic soft drinks? WHY WHY WHY????????

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