Month: February 2014

Greed without compassion: How the PAP government exploits Singaporeans economically

The government should use its large surpluses to build a stronger and more resilient health care sector, and keep costs stable. However, it is extremely sad that the government of Singapore spends the least percentage of its annual budget on healthcare compared to the USA and other developed countries in Europe. We spend a lot of money on defence, on building casinoes and golf courses, but we simply don’t spend much on healthcare.

Mind the Cracks

Moreover, the liberal immigration policies employed by the ruling government over the past decade have caused Singaporeans to be placed in a state of disorientation and fragmentation. With local-bred Singaporeans being pushed into a near minority status, it will soon precipitate a crisis of national identity. Without any clear integration and induction program catered for these new migrants, Singaporeans are beckoned to welcome and aid their integration into our society often at the expense of our way of life. The truth is, decades of nation building efforts have been undone with the liberal influx of immigrants in just the past ten years alone.