Month: January 2014

PAP government should be fined for every major administrative lapse

It is time the government lead by example. If public transport companies are to be fined by LTA for service lapses, then ministries and statutory boards must also be fined for administrative lapses. If the citizens of this country are fined for such a broad range of behaviour, then surely the government must also pay a financial penalty if they fail to meet basic expectations or fail to live up to their mandate.

Global economic momentum improving, but don’t ignore disconnect between stocks and Doctor Copper

Global economic momentum is improving and looks set to surprise on the upside in 2014. However, Doctor Copper should not be ignored. Copper has frequently been dubbed the metal “with a Ph.D. in economics” for its uncanny ability at forecasting the global economic cycle. When the global economy expands, industrial output increases and demand for […]

U.S. stock market: due for a correction

Regardless of how the economy performs this year, I suspect the U.S. stock market is due for a correction, perhaps as soon as the first quarter of 2014. Sentiment is very bullish and fund managers have piled into the market en masse to avoid under-performing their peers or their benchmarks. People generally believe the Federal […]