Monthly Archives: December 2013

Month: December 2013 PAP’s Battle Cry

Singapore’s problem is not about Singaporeans becoming more vocal and making a lot of noise on the internet. Our problem is that we live in a city with a small geographical land area without a hinterland. This problem is compounded by the rapid influx of foreigners and temporary sojourners. In proportion, the native population is getting smaller and becoming a minority.

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Month: December 2013 The tragic irony of MDA’s licensing framework

Barely a few weeks ago, PM Lee Hsien Loong said that we need to build secure and responsible online spaces to encourage constructive exchange of views among Singaporeans. The tragic irony is that MDA’s licensing framework has achieved the opposite effect.

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Month: December 2013 Looking beyond the riot at Little India

In our zeal to grow the economy and take on as many construction projects as possible, the government has neglected to ensure that adequate infrastructure such as proper housing facilities are available for foreign workers. The government has also failed to ensure that the law is stringent enough and that there is adequate enforcement action taken against errant companies who exploit foreign workers.

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