Month: November 2013

Statement by members of the general public on the AGC’s action against Mr Alex Au

Statement by members of the general public on the Attorney General’s Chambers’ action against Mr Au for his blog posts. 29 November 2013 We are deeply concerned that the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) has been granted leave to take action against Singaporean blogger, Mr Alex Au, for “scandalising the judiciary” in his blog post, “377 Wheels Come […]

Wrapping up the Purple Light fiasco

When a group of people normalize something that is inherently sexist, chauvinistic, obscene or derogatory, it is indicative that our value system is wrong and that we have become uncritical, and unthinking. We go down a slippery slope in which we slowly become numb to what is abhorrent or immoral. We start to take discrimination as the norm and demean and objectify women. Then soon we will see our core values get picked apart one by one, slowly dehumanizing ourselves like a frog eased into water that is gently put to the boil.

Crackdown against online harassment: govt must be transparent

I welcome the government’s move to crack down on online harassment. But it is vital that the new laws must be carefully crafted, and the process of implementing and enforcing them must be transparent, lest anti-bullying legislation becomes a convenient tool to silence legitimate dissent or deny the right of commentators to engage in vigorous and sometimes emotional debate.