Month: October 2013

PAP politicians should overhaul policies that deter Singaporeans from starting families, rather than engage in melodrama

If the government wants to build strong families in Singapore, it should do the right thing by overhauling its policies what are making it hard for Singaporeans to start families and have children. Attacking a corporation in order to score points whilst ignoring the damaging effects of government policies is sheer hypocrisy.

Labelling people as xenophobic

There is nothing xenophobic about giving Singaporeans the first priority in access to a basic education, affordable public housing, and jobs that pay a living wage. Every government in the civilized world that dares to call itself “democratic” follows the same policy with regards to its own citizens. If this policy is to be regarded as “xenophobic”, as perpetuating a “them versus us” mentality, then every government in the civilized world is guilty as charged.