Month: August 2013

NDR 2013: Housing grants alone will not solve the public housing problem

Grants alone will not make housing more affordable if prices continue to grow at a fast pace. There must be more measures to ensure that prices stabilize. While PM Lee said that prices should remain stable, he did not elaborate on what the government planned to do to achieve this outcome. His fixation on housing grants does not alleviate the anxiety of future home buyers.

NDR 2013: A move toward universal healthcare?

The new healthcare system is the topic that concerns me most deeply. The key changes include the introduction of a new Medishield Life plan that will cover the person for life. The new plan will be universal, in the sense that it will include everyone without the possibility of opting out. It will also take in people with pre-existing conditions. In exchange for enhanced benefits, insurance premiums will be higher. To keep up with rising medical costs, medisave contribution rates will also be increased.

Disingenuous of Tan Chuan-Jin to accuse others of running down Singapore

Some people are giving up on Singapore because the authorities have shown they are unwilling to change or address regressive attitudes and mindsets. Others are voicing out their concerns online because things have gotten harder in recent years, with an escalating cost of living and a widening income gap. If the government does not appear willing to listen, are these commentators expected to shut up and quietly accept the status quo?

The Family Pledge discriminates against single parents

Already, in an effort at anchoring the traditional concept of Family as the foundation of Singapore society, the government has needlessly and cruelly institutionalized discrimination against Singles and against Single Parents. The Family Pledge by a supposedly politically and religiously neutral organization further drives a crucifix into the hearts of those brave mothers and fathers who have chosen to shoulder the responsibility of raising a child on their own, with sheer bravery.