Month: July 2013

Why Lim Boon Heng for Chairman of Temasek Holdings?

Given Mr Lim’s political background, what makes him a good person for the job of Chairman of Temasek Holdings? Can he set right the string of failed investments that Temasek Holdings made during the last few years, especially during the 2008 Credit Crisis? What investment or fund management expertise does he bring? Is Mr Lim going to make Temasek Holdings more transparent and more accountable to the public? Is he going to restore honour and credibility to Temasek Holdings?

The government’s adversarial approach to New Media

Like so many other societies around the world, Internet and New Media is exerting continuous pressure on our government to change with the times, and become more open, progressive, and democratic. But instead of heeding this call for change, our government has found itself lost in the wilderness, unsure of its own footing, trying to cling on to the old ways of doing things whilst being reactive rather than proactive in dealing with society’s challenges.

Reflection of that Midnight Call

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 06 July 2013 People don’t normally call another person in the middle of the night unless it is something very important. Or, unless you are feeling hungry and want someone to go with for supper. Most of the time, it means bad news. In my case, whenever there is such […]

A different red herring and a backlash

The activist community also displayed concerned for migrant and construction workers, who were seen carrying on with their work even though the haze had reached hazardous levels. They rightfully questioned why these workers were not allowed to rest in their dormitories. Some people said that work schedules should be pushed back, and companies should not penalize contractors for falling behind as a result of the haze. These are valid points of view, expressed out of a real concern for worker safety and health. This is certainly not politicking.