Month: May 2013

Lim Swee Say’s “voice of silent majority” tainted with partisan bias

The root of the problem is that the political master (the PAP) has, the over years, acquired the habit of only tuning in to voices and opinion that are pleasing to its ears, and so the sycophants only tell it what it wants to hear. How the voice of the silent majority can be accurately heard by an Emperor who wears no clothes and whose subjects refuse to point out the obvious, is beyond me.

The politics of town councils

The worst thing about Teo Ho Pin’s allegations and insinuations about WP is that they are designed to mislead the unsuspecting public, based on the fact that the layman cannot possibly know the full mechanics behind Town Council management, nor all the administrative and technical hassles Opposition TCs have to contend with because of the roadblocks PAP puts in their way.

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