Month: April 2013

Boston of the East?

If the Prime Minister wants Singaporeans to have the courage and the humanity to respond with the same grace and unity as the Bostonians, then his government must provide the Bostonian environment conducive enough for us to develop the attitudes and values of the Bostonians.

Has the secular bull market in gold ended?

As people gradually realize that gold is neither an insurance policy against the ill-effects of central bank money printing, nor a safe haven with which one can weather a crisis in the financial markets, psychology in gold will fundamentally shift. If, within the next few weeks, gold and silver do not re-take previous support levels […]

Bretton Woods, Gold, and the current monetary system

The current global monetary system is the first ever experimental, truly global fiat currency system totally unbacked by gold. In this article, I describe how this system evolved from the former Bretton Woods system established after World War II. Nicknamed Bretton Woods II, the current system has become notorious for engendering asset prices bubbles, periodic […]

Gold and silver break multi-year support

Gold and silver have broken multi-year support. Usually, such a strong move down will lead to a quick counter-trend rally. However, I suspect that such rally will fade and new lows will be established. If the secular bull market is over, prices should slowly drift downwards and reach an eventual target of gold in the […]

A crisis of leadership at the PAP

When so many of PAP’s policies have gone wrong, and the PAP still refuses to change course, then men and women of high caliber start to shun the party and refuse to be recruited into its ranks, no matter how high ministerial or public service salaries are. Good men and women do not want to be associated with a political entity that is increasingly being seen as a creator rather than a solver of problems, a party that is seen as making lives harder for Singaporeans.

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