Month: February 2013

Budget 2013 does not contain any radical measures — fundamental approach to economic management is unchanged

Merely raising foreign worker levies and cutting Dependency Ratio Ceilings alone will not help stem the tide of foreign influx. The government must also take proactive measures to make hiring Singaporean workers more attractive to employers, and restructure the economy so that businesses focus more on innovation and moving up the value chain, and become less reliant on manpower and brute-force, low value-added business models.

Why political parties like the WP distance themselves from Hong Lim protests

Although Mr Goh’s rally has elicited much support online, an article published by him yesterday had some netizens put off. In this latest salvo at the population white paper, Mr Goh had lashed out at foreigners, detailing what he thought were negative traits possessed by workers of different nationalities such as China, Indian, Burmese, Filipino and Malaysian workers.

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