Why WP is quick to caution voters about extrapolating Punggol East results

Mr Low could be justified in worrying that if people perceived that the WP was rising too fast, that itself could serve as a backlash that might put a cap on future growth, or even intensify the already vociferous criticism of the WP as a party that has marketed itself as little more than a watchdog or a co-driver to the government.

A watershed by-election for WP and the long road ahead

If the ruling party does not take broad-based measures to address these concerns, the political situation for the PAP is likely to worsen even further. If we extrapolate WP’s victory in Aljunied, Hougang and Punggol East to other constituencies in the next general elections slated for 2016, it is not hard to conceive of the PAP’s two-third’s Parliamentary majority coming under threat.

WP by-election rally 22 Jan — Low explains why WP closes door to opposition unity

Mr Low said that to expect a party with six elected MPs to form an alternative government “is premature and unrealistic”, and reiterated that the WP will not oppose for the sake of opposing. He also said that “if the WP is given the chance to grow strong, we will eventually come up a full set of alternative policies”.