Month: December 2012

SDP: Let there be a fair contest of ideas

Singapore Democrats (link) We are clear about what we are against. What is less clear is what we are for. This outlook pretty much sums up what opposition politics has been since the 1960s. Persecuted and hammered in every conceivable manner, opposition parties have been deprived of the expertise and resources to craft an alternative […]

SDP to contest in Punggol East by-election

Singapore Democrats (link) 27 December 2012 The SDP has drawn up comprehensive policies which address the concerns and worries of our fellow Singaporeans. We look forward to putting our policies before the voters of Punggol East and give Singaporeans a chance to vote for an alternative to the PAP. These policies are: 1. To introduce […]

People’s Association and PAP in partisan tango

The uncomfortable truth that Singaporeans have to confront is that the People’s Association is literally in bed with the PAP. This is not an idle or flippant comment. A supposedly non-partisan grassroots body whose professed aim is to build social cohesion and represent the interests of all Singaporeans is nothing but an extension of the ruling party, both in spirit and in substance.

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