Government policies are the root cause of new fault lines between citizens, foreigners

Recently, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has cautioned Singaporeans to pay attention to new fault lines that have appeared between new citizens and native Singaporeans. He said Singaporeans must watch out for instances of social friction, especially online.

U-turn on Brompton foldable bikes shows need for citizens to keep govt accountable

If not for the rapid dissemination of critical information through cyberspace that cast a suspicious doubt on the NParks purchase, it is very likely, in my opinion, that MND and NParks would have let the matter rest and not held any officer accountable for the extravagant use of public funds.

4 Big Questions marks on the Law Society and Mr Wong

Written by Ng E-Jay 18 July 2012 There are 4 huge question marks on the Law Society and Mr Wong concerning the incident in which Mr Wong barged into the High Court to try to declare lawyer M Ravi mentally unfit for Court. 1. A spokesperson from the Law Society told the media that “there… Continue reading

Inequality in education, Part 1

First published on SDP website. By Dr Wong Wee Nam 09 July 2012 It is often said that education is a great leveller in society. Not only does it provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to participate effectively in society and in the economy, it also contributes to improving a person’s life… Continue reading

Singapore’s obligations to the IMF and our role in international finance

In April 2012, member countries of the IMF also announced additional pledges to increase the IMF’s resources by over US$430 billion. However, these resources are primarily for crisis prevention and will only be drawn upon if they are needed. Singapore’s recently-disclosed US$4 billion loan arrangement with the IMF falls unde2 this category.

Chan Chun Sing implicitly admits that govt overspent on YOG

Written by Ng E-Jay 06 July 2012 Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Chan Chun Sing, has implicitly admitted that the PAP government overspent on the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) held in 2010. During a media interview in which Mr Chan released details about the steering committee responsible for 2015 SEA Games, the… Continue reading

COI findings reveal gross neglect by SMRT

All the damage to the rail and the subsequent train disruptions could have been prevented had SMRT carried out its maintenance regime properly and performed competent and regular checks. The COI was of the opinion that these defects and faults developed over time. Had SMRT done its job right, it should have detected and rectified them before they put commuters’ lives in jeopardy.

Government policies are the root cause, xenophobia is merely the symptom

In my opinion, government policies are the root cause of Singaporeans’ apprehension about foreigners. Recent outbursts of xenophobia on the part of some irresponsible people, as well as the perception that Singaporeans as a whole might to leaning towards xenophobic tendencies, are caused by skewed government policies that have been either poorly implemented or simply taken to the extreme.