Hougang by-election aftermath: The Morning-After Pill

The by-election had started on a promising note, with both candidates promising a “gentlemanly” contest. However, as the campaign progressed, we heard little about local issues but more about the questionable character of Png Eng Huat. For a technical error, through no fault of his own, he was accused of dishonesty and having a lack of integrity.

WP post-election press conference

Mr Low Thia Khiang delivers a surprisingly hard-hitting post-election press conference, in which he hits out at the government for denying Hougang residents estate upgrading for the past 21 years, contrary to PM Lee’s assertion that his government aims to build an inclusive society. He said that we should build a first world society, not… Continue reading

The Hougang by-election is not just Png versus Choo, it about the national agenda as well

Under such a lop-sided political climate, no election is ever a local election. Every election is about the PAP versus the opposition, the policies of the government versus the alternatives proposed by the dissenting voices, about the strong-arm tactics of the PAP versus the ideas of liberty and freedom offered by the opposition.

Gutter politics and biased reporting by Straits Times

In the first couple of days of the campaign, both sides focussed on issues that concerned the people. But as to be expected, straight out of the classic PAP playbook, the dirty punches were thrown at the opposition and there is no more mention of national or local issues on the part of the PAP as polling day draws near.