Month: April 2012

The meaning of May Day lost in Singapore

Singapore celebrates May Day every year on 1 May together with much of the world. The PAP Government makes it a point to stage elaborate shows with the National Trade Unions Congress (NTUC) at the forefront and the prime minister delivering a message to the workers. But do we really know the significance behind the occasion and, more importantly, does the PAP really care about Singaporean workers?

Bersih 3.0 sees both huge turnout as well as controversy

Like previous rallies, Bersih 3.0 started off peacefully. However, police resorted to firing tear gas and water cannons into the protestors in order to get them to disperse from Dataran Merdeka, a location that the authorities had previously declared out of bounds to protestors. Bersih supporters deem the ban on the use of Dataran Merdeka as a violation of the right to peaceful public assembly.

A Singaporean feels priced out

Gin Tai recounted how his Singaporean colleague Anak Abu had bought an 87 square metre 4-room HDB flat at Bedok Central more than one year ago at $368,000. Anak Abu has to use up all his monthly CPF contributions to service his 25-year housing loan. He has already reached his maximum pay ceiling of $1850 per month, and will not be able to retire with any savings unless he can somehow increase his pay.

PM Lee sets up facebook page

It is highly commendable that Mr Lee has taken a big, bold step into a new frontier, with the macho and manly courage befitting a former Brigadier General. It must have taken great fortitude venturing into online social media such as facebook, knowing the many brickbats that will inevitably come his way.

Prof Lim Chong Yah debunks notion that wage “shock therapy” caused 1985 Singapore recession

18 April 2012 Professor Lim Chong Yah has issued another public statement to counter what he terms as “fallacies” in the criticisms of his wage restructuring proposals, which include freezing top level wages and increasing the lowest wages by 50% over three years. Prof Lim asserted that the first wage “shock therapy” between 1979 and […]

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