Month: March 2012

Singaporeans citizens to get absolute priority for P1 places during balloting

From this year onwards, Singaporean citizens will get absolute priority over permanent residents in balloting for primary school places. This means that should balloting be required for a particular phase in primary school registration, Singapore citizen applications will receive priority over PR applications even if they live further away from the school. It is only […]

Multi-pronged approach needed to make good healthcare affordable and available

From the ground up, the government must foster a vibrant medical and pharmaceutical industry in Singapore that attracts genuine competition. Healthcare capacity must be greatly expanded so as to cope with both the increasing as well as the rapidly aging population. This will itself consume much government resources, but it is absolutely necessary if healthcare is to be available and affordable for all Singaporeans in the long run.

The SDP healthcare plan made simple

Singapore Democrats 22 March 2012 There has been much interest generated in The SDP’s Healthcare Plan since it was launched last Saturday. As a result, many questions have been raised. This is understandable since it is the first time that a comprehensive alternative healthcare system has been drawn up. We breakdown the components of our […]

Why should I pay for someone else’s healthcare?

Singapore Democrats 21 March 2012 “Why should I pay for someone else’s medical treatment?” was a question that some asked in response to the SDP’s healthcare plan. Indeed, it seems outrageous that we should shoulder someone else’s medical expenses especially if we take care of our health while others don’t. Worse, why should we pay […]

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