Singapore: A country where risks are socialized and profits are privatized

Many commuters have cited the latest occurrence as yet another example of SMRT failing to maintain its train tracks properly. Some have even suggested, quite understandably, that there might even be problems in the auditing, and that if proper policies had been put in place, these events should never have occurred.

Leaders should persuade, not silence, our critics

Singapore Democrats 27 Feb 2012 The recent threats of defamation suits by PAP’s leaders against Mr Alex Au and the editors of Temasek Review Emeritus (TRE) is another blow to freedom of speech in Singapore. For years, the Singapore Democratic Party has been the target of attacks from the ruling party and the media it… Continue reading

Current civil defamation laws are in urgent need of reform

To see a classic example of how lop-sided civil defamation laws are, we need only go back to the late 1990’s when former NKF chief T.T. Durai sued then NKF volunteer Archie Ong and aero-modelling instructor Piragasam Singaravelu for alleging that he had flown first class and that under his charge, NKF has squandered monies.

PM Lee’s lawyers send letter to TRE editor Richard Wan

Excerpt from the Straits Times, 20 Feb 2012 Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday sent a lawyer’s letter to the editors of the TR Emeritus (TRE) sociopolitical website, asking for a post alleging cronyism in the appointment of Madam Ho Ching as head of Temasek Holdings to be taken down. Madam Ho is PM… Continue reading