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Month: January 2012 The Barren Political Landscape

Way back in the fifties and the sixties, when the population was less than 1 million, Singapore had no problem with educated people and professionals coming forward to serve in public office. At that time, pay was not a consideration. Passion was.

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Month: January 2012 Live Simply That Others May Simply Live

It is so important to recognize and understand the very big
difference between a welfare state and a co-operative society. In a
welfare state the focus is on helping the needy. However, in a
co-operative society, the focus is on helping one another in times of

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Month: January 2012 What kind of people are we trying to attract?

If the recent debate on the report of the committee to review ministers’ salaries is anything to go by, it would appear that people who are who are willing to do something for the sake of the country without being offered a substantial quantum of return hardly exist nowadays.

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