Dr Ang Swee Chai’s eulogy for her husband Francis Khoo

(Reproduced with kind permission from Dr Ang Swee Chai.) It must be so bizarre that the one person who loves you beyond words and whom you also love the most in this world goes on to make you a widow – and without polite notice! So it is the case with my beloved. As I… Continue reading

East Asian stability at risk if US trashes its defence budget

Written by Ng E-Jay 24 November 2011 Yesterday, it was reported that the United States is inching towards deep and unprecedented cuts to its defence budget after the “Supercommittee of 12“, comprising both Republic and Democrat legislators, failed to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution to the nation’s worsening deficits. If this political stalemate is… Continue reading

A future prediction regarding Japan and the Pacific region

Written by Ng E-Jay 07 November 2011 Some readers have asked that I clarify a remark made about Japan in a previous article, “Japan versus Singapore: Why our economic direction is unsustainable“, in which I stated that Japan will eventually rebound economically, but will still be faced with an acute labour shortage, and it will… Continue reading