Month: July 2011

My response to Tan Jee Say’s presidential bid

Mr Tan Jee Say is a household name by now. He rose to political fame when he stood on an SDP ticket and contested Holland-Bukit Timah GRC alongside Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, Dr Ang Yong Guan, and Ms Michelle Lee, each of whom easily ranked amongst the most outstanding and well-received election candidates for the 2011 parliamentary general elections.

Tan Jee Say: Why I want to be President

Press statement from Tan Jee Say 15 July 2011 Why I want to be President – To be the Conscience of the Nation “I am stepping forward because many Singaporeans want a non-PAP President whose independence of the PAP is clear, obvious and cannot be in doubt. Only such a person can have the moral authority to […]

Guidelines for the presidential election: PMO

STATEMENT FROM PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE CAMPAIGNING FOR THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 1. In accordance with Article 17(3)(b) of the Constitution, the election of the President is to be held before the commencement of the new term of the President on 1 September 2011. Guiding Principles for the Presidential Election 2. The form of a Presidential Election […]

GE 2011 — the Noise and Humour of Rallies

The massive crowds that turned up at the rallies night after night were not rabid groups. Nor were the speakers fiery demagogues out to incite riots. They came from all walks of life. People turned up at rallies for various reasons. Some were genuinely angry. Some wanted to be entertained. Others sought to be politically educated.

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