Month: June 2011

Bomb disposal and the grand art of Tai Chi

Mr Raymond Yap, the assistant manager of LHT Holdings, which had leased the Sungei Kadut site in order to build a furniture warehouse, contacted the police to request that they dispose of the relic safely. The police told him to hire the services of a private bomb disposal company instead. To paraphrase, the police effectively told him it was none of their business.


Dr Wong Wee Nam 02 June 2011 In 1996, when the formula for the ministerial pay was introduced, my friend Dr Patrick and I wrote a letter to the Forum Page of The Straits Times. In it, we said, “It is indeed very disturbing that our success, material progress and prosperity have driven our present […]

Aim for balanced and sustainable growth

Singaporeans want balanced and sustainable growth. We want growth that does not come at the expense of higher inflation, an overcrowded city, or the need to import an inordinate number of foreign workers. We also want all strata of society to benefit equally from economic growth.