Photos and Videos for 29 April GE rallies

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Emotional dilemna created by WP? Mr George Yeo, the PAP did it first in 1991!

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It is the PAP who started playing the emotional dilemna game, not the opposition.

Written by Ng E-Jay
29 April 2011

Mr George Yeo, leader of PAP’s Aljunied GRC team, has lambasted the Worker’s Party (WP) for putting Aljunied voters into what he terms an “emotional dilemna”.

On Thursday, Mr Yeo said that the WP has placed upon Aljunied residents the “burden” of the opposition cause and the task of supporting the larger interests of the opposition at the potential expense of their own “enlightened self interest”.

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Singapore Pte Ltd — a letter

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By Samuel Lai (netizen)

Dearest PAP,

You have been running Singapore like a business, like a corporation, where you are the top management, where the people of Singapore are your employees and where all other institutions like education, health and transport, are your subsidiaries. No sir, this is not Singapore Pte Ltd, and we are not working for you.

Every policy that you have come up with has been made with economic growth in mind, i.e., to increase profitability for Singapore Pte Ltd, with retained earnings going into the national reserves.

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A voter speaks up: How I shall choose my MPs in this GE

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was penned by a Guest Contributor, Elaine Wong.
29 April 2011

I am a voter of Holland-Bukit Timah and I don’t remember how many General Elections I have not voted in.

When the Singapore Democratic Party announced that it is coming to contest here, I was very excited and looking forward to see a good fight. When the SDP announced its slate of candidates which include people like Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, Tan Jee Say, Michelle Lee and Dr Ang Yong Guan, I told myself that the voters here will really have a choice.

From what I have read about these people, I know they have the passion and commitment to serve people. They are not in this for money and had in fact pledge 50% of their MP’s allowance, should they be elected, to some endowment fund that will be set up in the constituency.

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Photos and Videos of GE rallies — 28 April

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SDP unveils manifesto

Source: TODAY Online, 28 April 2011

SINGAPORE – As the bustle of Nomination Day died down, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) unveiled its manifesto — the last party to do so — along with its revamped website yesterday (

According to SDP chief Chee Soon Juan, it was a strategic decision to avoid overshadowing the introduction of their candidates. The manifesto sets out the SDP’s position on issues such as the rising cost of living, foreign labour and the housing.

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NSP’s Goh Meng Seng to continue electoral battle in face of family tragedy

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NATIONAL Solidarity Party (NSP) Secretary-General Goh Meng Seng has suffered a family tragedy.

His elder brother, Mr David Goh Meng Hee, who is in his mid-50s, died of a heart attack early on Thursday morning.

The elder Mr Goh was a businessman, a member of the Workers’ Party and the NSP’s principal election agent for the Tampines GRC.

Mr Goh Meng Seng told the Straits Times that he would carry on the electoral campaign. “The fight must go on,” he said.

“The reason is that it is his last wish to send me into Parliament. He is the unsung hero of democracy.”

The NSP is holding a press conference later on Thursday.

WP’s Aljunied team likely to make GRC breakthrough

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Written by Ng E-Jay
28 April 2011

The key highlight of Nomination Day must have been Mr Low Thia Khiang’s decision to join his Worker’s Party (WP) colleagues Sylvia Lim, Chen Show Mao, Pritam Singh and Muhamad Faisal bin Adbul Manap to contest Aljunied GRC.

This must be the strongest possible opposition team since independence, being comprised of an MP who has been elected 4 consecutive times, an NCMP, and candidates of very good academic and career credentials.

WP scored 43.9% of the vote in Aljunied in the last general elections. Although the PAP has gerrymandered the boundaries so as to remove key areas that showed strong support for the opposition, the WP stands an even better chance than before, for reasons that are laid out below.

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Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim and Chen Show Mao to contest ALJUNIED GRC!!

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Source: STRAITS TIMES, 27 April 2011, 11am

WORKERS’ Party chief Low Thia Khiang and four WP candidates, including chairman Sylvia Lim and corporate lawyer Chen Show Mao, arrived at Deyi Secondary School in Ang Mo Kio on Wednesday morning, in the clearest sign that the WP team is set to contest Aljunied GRC.

Mr Low, 54, who has been a four-term MP for single-member constituency Hougang, where he has been the incumbent since 1991, is expected to let party candidate Yaw Shin Leong take his place in Hougang. Mr Yaw, 34, is owner of an enrichment programme developing who stood in the 2006 elections.

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Message to Vivian Balakrishnan and the PAP — FOCUS on the ISSUES

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Written by Ng E-Jay
27 April 2011

I write this with a very heavy heart, and I am truly angry.

We have a watershed elections at our doorstep. Today is Nomination Day and polling day is less than two weeks ago. Now is the time to focus squarely on the issues that affect all Singaporeans, and not be sidetracked into foolishness.

As a voter, I do not care for smear campaigns or for discussions into topics that have no relevance to the General Election. We can debate everything under the sun at leisure over the next 5 years AFTER the polls are over. NOW, we must focus on the bread-and-butter issues that concern citizens. EVERYTHING ELSE MUST BE PUT ASIDE.

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