Budget 2011: $800 for us, millions for themselves

By the Singapore Democrats 16 March 2011 There has been much publicity in the media about the so called “growth dividend” in the recent Budget presented which hands out up to $800 to every voter. This handout amounts to $1.5 billion in total. What followed was a torrent of propaganda to convince the people that… Continue reading

Japan, the Persian Gulf and Energy

By George Friedman Source: STRATFOR, 15 March 2011 Over the past week, everything seemed to converge on energy. The unrest in the Persian Gulf raised the specter of the disruption of oil supplies to the rest of the world, and an earthquake in Japan knocked out a string of nuclear reactors with potentially devastating effect.… Continue reading

Excuse me, SM Goh, Japan has a plural Parliament unlike Singapore

Written by Ng E-Jay 15 March 2011 Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong seriously needs to get matters in perspective. At the REACH forum held last week, he lashed out at Singaporeans for being soft and for complaining too much. SM Goh was attempting to use the tragic events in Japan arising from the earthquake and… Continue reading

Singapore eases rulings on Internet election advertising

Source: CNA, 14 March 2011 SINGAPORE: Political parties, candidates and their election agents will now be able to use a broader range of new media platforms to conduct election advertising on the Internet. The changes follow amendments to the Constitution as well as the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act introduced last year.

Nuclear energy will always be too dangerous for Singapore

Written by Ng E-Jay 14 March 2011 At a keynote address during the Singapore International Energy Week in 2010, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke about the challenges that Singapore will face in the coming years in dealing with scarce global energy resources. [1] PM Lee also briefly mentioned the prospect of building a nuclear… Continue reading

Good governance, transparency and accountability? Time bombs of PAP rule (Part II)

EDITOR’S NOTE: These are excerpts of a Facebook article penned by Ms Angela Faye Oon, a Worker’s Party member. The full article can be accessed here. By Angela Faye Oon 10 March 2011 Transparency and accountability The notion of accountability is inextricably tied up with that of transparency. Without transparency, there can be no knowledge… Continue reading

LTK: I didn’t fall into NCMP Trap

Translated by Donaldson Tan, 10 March 2011 Source: New Asia Republic Last night, Workers’ Party (WP) Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang rejected the conspiracy theory that the reason why WP had refused to compromise with other opposition political parties is that it intended to enter Parliament via the NCMP route. He stressed that he had already… Continue reading