Online smearing of PAP candidate Tin Pei Ling is hypocritical and cowardly

Barely days after the People’s Action Party (PAP) unveiled a potential new candidate, 27 year old Tin Pei Ling, some netizens have posted her pictures online, purported taken from her facebook page and other sources, and conducted a smear campaign against her. Ms Tin has since removed those pictures. A couple of netizens have even… Continue reading

Jaslyn Go: Social activist, potential election candidate

Written by Ng E-Jay 29 March 2011 On Monday, the Straits Times introduced Ms Jaslyn Go as a potential election candidate for the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). She was seen making her rounds at Yuhua constituency, an area formerly a part of Jurong GRC. If she contests in Yuhua, she will likely be facing PAP’s… Continue reading

PM Lee, I will definitely vote calmly

Written by Ng E-Jay 28 March 2011 Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has urged the electorate to “calm down, and detach yourself, think carefully before you vote“. [1] He spoke these words at a community event in Ang Mo Kio on Sunday, during which he advised Singaporeans to think carefully and calmly about the long-term… Continue reading

Don’t Look Left or Right

Written by Dr Wong Wee Nam 22 Mar 2011 There is a Chinese saying which goes like this: 王顾左右而言他。Translated it means “The King looked left and right and talked about other things”. It is used in reference to a person who tries to evade an issue in discussion by going off into some other subjects.… Continue reading

A 3 cornered fight would hurt WP more than NSP

Written by Ng E-Jay 23 March 2011 In my previous TOC article “A 3-cornered fight is a scorched earth policy that will backfire” (22 Mar), I laid out my reasons why a 3-cornered fight initiated by an opposition party now would have negative repercussions. Since then, there have been new developments. A Straits Times article… Continue reading

List of constituencies eyed by the Opposition — updated 21 march

SINGLE MEMBER CONSTITUENCIES Bukit Panjang: Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) (confirmed) Hong Kah North: Reform Party (RP), Singapore People’s Party (SPP) Hougang: Workers’ Party (WP) (confirmed) Joo Chiat: WP, independent (Andrew Kuan) Mountbatten: National Solidarity Party (NSP) (confirmed) Pioneer: NSP, RP Potong Pasir: SPP (confirmed) Punggol East: WP, Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) Radin Mas: RP, SDA,… Continue reading

Which opposition party will come up tops this election?

Written by Ng E-Jay 18 March 2011 This general election will be a watershed election for two important reasons. Firstly, it is almost certain to be an election that will see opposition parties contest the greatest percentage of available seats since Singapore’s independence in 1965. Secondly, the internet will play a central role in this… Continue reading